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About Dr. David Taylor

Dr. David Taylor, MD, Ph.D, a registered medical professional, is the founder and owner of BestRatedDocs.com. He holds an M.D. from Drexel University & a Ph.D. from Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. David loves to utilize technology to improve healthcare and he does it daily through BestRatedDocs.com. He founded the company in 2016 with the vision to make the discoverability of the best healthcare facilities & best products simple and easy.

His passion for informatics and using technology to empower healthcare professionals and the patients they serve is unmatched. He regularly blogs about technology, health IT, medical products and other healthcare topics at bestrateddocs.com. He also speaks at various conferences regularly about the right mixture of technology with healthcare to provide better services to patients.

His goal is to help others gain confidence in the digital world through his unique vision of technology empowerment. He is a devoted doctor and technology advocate. Dr. Taylor is available for interviews and media inquiries and can be contacted directly through the contact page.


You deserve only the best in life when it comes to your health. BestRatedDocs.com was created with a simple goal to help you find the top medical experts & products quickly.

BestRatedDocs is easy, integrated, innovative, trusted, and proven to deliver results. Our proprietary service offers our users with access to the top and best medical experts and products in the world. No matter where you are located, when you want the best, we are here to serve you. We remove the burden of uncertainty from you and create a compassionate, personal and comprehensive approach to ensure you get the best medical assistance.

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