The Ultimate List of Best Forehead Thermometers [Updated]

Be it a change of weather, an ongoing illness, or as a symptom of a disease, fever/chills can attack our bodies at any time. And to ensure we get the perfect dosage of medicine, it is essential to measure accurate body temperature. For this, a thermometer is the only device available. Hence, in this post, we will be analyzing the best forehead thermometers online. Furthermore, we will also discuss the pros and cons of these products and more. Additionally, we will be noting down points to consider while purchasing a forehead thermometer and how to use the device correctly. 

A thermometer is ordinary medical equipment available over the counter for use in every home. Its function is to measure precise body temperature. Though the functionality of a thermometer is still the same, its technology and usability have advanced a lot.

Conventionally, there were regular oral thermometers available, with all family members using the same. This was a common practice for family members, irrespective of anyone being sick or not. Most of the time, these thermometers were full of germs and came out very unhygienic. To combat the limitations of a conventional thermometer and to offer accurate results concerning measurements, one of the most innovative and reliable solutions is now available – Forehead Thermometers!

As a bonus, you can check out our list of the best-infrared thermometers available online to learn more, or continue reading to learn the basics and find the right forehead thermometer. 

What are Forehead Thermometers?

Forehead thermometers are touch-free thermometers that deliver accurate temperature measurements. Being contactless, they are free from germs. Hence, these thermometers are 100% safe.

Many people believe that using forehead thermometers is more difficult as compared to oral ones. In fact, it’s the other way round. Using a forehead thermometer is much simpler than conventional. Firstly, you don’t have to check the dials because a display screen shows the results. Hence, you can check the temperature with just a single click.

Additionally, it is a perfect choice for a caretaker or a parent. We all are aware of how difficult it is to get hold of your child and keep kids still to check their temperature. With forehead thermometers, measuring temperature is a task of just a few seconds and can be done even while the child is asleep. 

Now that it is clear how useful and safe a forehead thermometer is, you might be inclined to buy one for your family. But here’s the catch! While searching for one online, you ended up scratching your head, seeing the plethora of types available. Hence, after thorough research, we have brought detailed information about the best forehead thermometers available, turning your decision-making process into a more convenient one. Moreover, having such information in hand will help you make a well-informed and hassle-free decision.

Furthermore, we will provide you with the best tips for your purchase of the best forehead thermometer. As for medical experts reading through, we advise you to refer to our detailed review of the 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope and improve your diagnostic tools. 

Did You Know?

Forehead thermometers are formally called temporal artery thermometers. This is because they are measuring the temperature of the patient’s temporal artery.

Different Types of Forehead Thermometers

Forehead thermometers are very easy to use. Nevertheless, you must know about the different types to pick an appropriate thermometer for yourself. Therefore, we have listed the various types of forehead thermometers below with information that might help you decide on which one’s best:

1. Digital Thermometer

Such thermometers are available readily and are universal forehead thermometers. Generally, they have an LCD screen display and come with easy to use functionality. Additionally, the thermometer delivers high accuracy and is available in a variety of forms. Most such thermometers have alert lights and an indicator.

2. Infrared Thermometer

These thermometers are known as Hennessey Venom of thermometers because they are the fastest of all types. They are so quick that it takes just 1-3 seconds for them to get the correct temperature. The thermometer measures the emitted head released by the body and displays the result on its display. However, these thermometers are quite expensive as compared to the other ones.

Top Forehead Thermometer In The Market:

1) Braun BFH-125 Forehead Thermometer, White Forehead Thermometer  – The digital thermometer gives you accurate readings, whether you place it on the ear or forehead.

2) Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer – The unit requires no contact with the body and has an age related color alarm code.

3) HealthSmart Digital Temporal Thermometer with No Contact Infrared Technology – Measuring the temperature of children can be difficult, but with HealthSmart, you can easily do it while standing at a distance.

4) Withings Thermo – smart Temporal Thermometer – Keep a tab on your complete medical history and share with your doctor on a real basis with this smart device.

5) No products found. – The Bimonk Thermometer is reliable and comes with a promise of accurate readings whenever used. This products works great for adults and babies.

6) Braun No Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer – With results in two-seconds, this is another outstanding device from Braun that is good for offices, hospitals, schools, or even home.

7) Mangrove Products: Nurse Approved Thermometer for Adults and Kids – Equipped with a large digital display, this product offers precise readings every single time.

8) Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer – By taking 1000 readings per second, the Exergen is reliable, fast, and very convenient for measuring the temperature at a distance.

9) Personal Contactless Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer: Adults, Kids, Babies – Awakelion’s forehead thermometer is very easy to use and comes to you at an affordable price.

10) Bionso Non Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Kids – A non-contact and on-point thermometer with immediate results, the BIONSO is reliable and efficient.

10 Best Forehead Thermometers

If you are planning to buy the best forehead thermometers then you might get overwhelmed with numerous options and choices available to you. To make things easier for you, here’s our list the 10 best forehead thermometers, that are highly effective and at the same time affordable.

1. Braun BFH-125 Forehead Thermometer, White Forehead Thermometer

Braun Forehead Thermometer - Digital Thermometer with Professional Accuracy and Color Coded Temperature Guidance - Thermometer for Adults, Babies, Toddlers and Kids
2,615 Reviews
Braun Forehead Thermometer - Digital Thermometer with Professional Accuracy and Color Coded Temperature Guidance - Thermometer for Adults, Babies, Toddlers and Kids
  • RELIABLE RESULTS – Get reliable results within seconds with the Braun Forehead Thermometer. This contact forehead thermometer has professional accuracy with a...
  • MOST RECOMMENDED THERMOMETERS BY PEDIATRICIANS – When checking for a fever at home, you want to use the best digital thermometer. Braun thermometers are the...
  • COLOR CODED TEMPERATURE GUIDANCE – The large, easy to read screen has colored coded temperature guidance. The digital thermometer backlight changes from green...
  • FOR ALL AGES – This Celsius/Fahrenheit thermometer takes a temperature in seconds. It’s gentle, with an ergonomic design and easy to use controls, so it can...
  • A BRAND YOU CAN RELY ON – Pediatricians rely on Braun digital, forehead and no contact thermometers, and you can, too. Your family’s health is of the utmost...

An excellent thermometer from a well-known brand, this BFH-125 model is perfect for your little one. At the same time, it is equally suitable for adults as well.

The device works by measuring the infrared radiation emanated by our skin. Hence, through this contactless technology, the thermometer provides you with an accurate reading hygienically. For the same reason, you can share it with other family members, even during these COVID times.

Not only is this device accurate, but it is also quick at measuring the reading. We were quite impressed with the disposable lens filters for the temperature measurement from the ear. Indeed, this is a useful feature, especially for babies. Now that you can measure your baby’s temperature from his ear as well, you don’t have to wake him up to point the device on his forehead!

And finally, the color display feature based on fever reading is a sure winner for giving you a visual indication of the problem’s severity. In short, don’t let the high price dissuade you from owning this device.

What’s more, improve your personal home medical response with one of the best first aid kits for your home, babies, traveling, or your car. 



  • Suitable for adults and babies
  • Instant Result
  • Perfect for Workplace and home
  • Backlight Present
  • Can read temper from the ear as well
  • Easy to use
  • Infrared technology
  • FSA eligible



  • It can not store readings

Best Forehead Thermometer for Babies

Babies need constant attention and care. A forehead thermometer is a great way to get an accurate reading of their temperature without using the device directly on their forehead. Babies often get a fever, and sometimes the best way to measure their temperature is while they are asleep. Here’s our recommendation, which is silent, accurate, and reliable.

2. Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer + Bonus 40 ThermoScan Lens Filters
1,450 Reviews
Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer + Bonus 40 ThermoScan Lens Filters
  • Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer with 40 Lens Filters.
  • Includes batteries.
  • Recalls last number taken for ease of use.
  • Lens filters are designed for use with the Braun Ear Thermometer with ExactTemp technology.
  • Braun ThermoScan Electronic Ear Thermometer measures temperature in the ear in just one second and beeps when ready.

This is another impressive ear thermometer from Braun that is perfect for babies. It comes with a color alarm while detecting the temperature. Additionally, it has age-related temperature guidance for the entire family. So now, no more confusion about unnecessary panic.

Furthermore, the large LCD screen lets you read the temperature while your child is asleep in the dark. We liked its last number recall feature. Now, this can be a great boon for parents of little kids because of the sheer frequency of readings you have to take.

You will get accurate and reliable results with this device. Even the durability of the product is praiseworthy. More so, because of the ExactTemp technology used to make its lens filters.

Meanwhile, a great way to keep a tab on your oxygen levels in the blood is using one of the best pulse oximeters in the market – take a look at our list. 



  • Colour alarm readings
  • Reliable and Accurate Results
  • Easy to Use
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit Option
  • Clinical Grade product
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Ideal for Babies and adults
  • FDA Standard
  • Beep function available
  • Easy to Read



  • Cannot be used for forehead reading

3. HealthSmart Digital Temporal Thermometer with No Contact Infrared Technology

HealthSmart Digital Temporal Thermometer with No Contact Infrared Technology ideal for Babies, Children or Adults with Modes to also Test Temperature of Objects or Air with Alarm and Memory Function
159 Reviews
HealthSmart Digital Temporal Thermometer with No Contact Infrared Technology ideal for Babies, Children or Adults with Modes to also Test Temperature of Objects or Air with Alarm and Memory Function
  • INTEGRATED DISTANCE SENSOR: provides quick, clinically accurate readings with no need for skin contact. The integrated distance sensor can detect how far the...
  • HIGH TEMP ALARM: The ring turns red when temperatures are 100.4 or greater and green if temperatures are less than 100.4. Measures in both Fahrenheit and...
  • MEMORY STORAGE: A 9 reading memory helps monitor temperatures overtime or between multiple individuals
  • 3 TEMPERATURE MODES: BODY, OBJECT OR AIR Scan your child for a fever, measure the warmth of your baby's bottle or bath water or test the temperature of the air....
  • BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY: The screen is easy to read in the dark and includes 2 AAA batteries with an auto shutoff feature

Measuring the temperature of children is very difficult, even more for babies. While you can hold babies and measure their body temperature, children would run away and get irritated whenever you want to take their temperature. However, the integrated distance sensors of this device make this task a breeze.

Yes, it’s right! You can measure the temperature without touching the ear of the forehead. Additionally, you only have to hold it for a few seconds in front of the ear or forehead to get the reading. Moreover, it is useful to measure the temperature for adults as well. Along with convenience, this device promises accuracy. 

And if this was not enough, it has a color-coded LCD screen for temperature alert. We specifically liked its capability of storing 9- temperature readings. Indeed, this is a great blessing for parents of babies and toddlers. Another impressive feature is its 3-temperature modes. With this functionality you can measure temperature of your baby’s milk or even room temperature.

 At the same time, if you are looking for a diagnostic kit, you might want to check out our list of the best stethoscopes available online. 



  • Suitable for babies and adults
  • Reliable and efficient product
  • Hassle-free functionality
  • Easy to Read
  • Easy to Use
  • Precise Reading
  • Ear or Head Mode
  • Single Click result
  • Faranheit/Celcius toggle
  • Easy to Use functionality
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • 9 readings memory



  • Beep doesn’t always work

Best Forehead Thermometer For Adults

For checking adult temperatures, you need an accurate and easy to use a device that offers durability. Specifically, during viral infections, the patient’s temperature must be taken from a distance. The distance is required to eliminate all chances of spreading the virus as this avoids direct contact. Hence, we present here our top recommendation, the best forehead thermometer for adults.

4. Withings Thermo – smart Temporal Thermometer

Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer, No Contact, Suitable for Baby, Infant, Toddler & Adults, FSA- Eligible
2,501 Reviews
Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer, No Contact, Suitable for Baby, Infant, Toddler & Adults, FSA- Eligible
  • HIGH PRECISION - FDA cleared, Thermo has 16 infrared sensors to provide a highly accurate result.
  • QUICK & EASY - Ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator.
  • NO CONTACT WITH SKIN REQUIRED — Ultra-hygienic, non-invasive measurement.
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every measurement and health advice appears in the Thermo app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android️).
  • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Up to 8 users can access their personal temperature histories and have the ability to share with doctors, and the thermometer can...

Another state of the art thermometer on our list is this Withings Thermometer. With exceptional features to boast about, this device is a game-changer.

To begin with, this is an FSA and HSA eligible product. Even better, you do not need a medical prescription for the purchase. To elaborate on its mode of functioning, it uses 16-infrared sensors to take around 4000 measurements to give you the most accurate results. Even as it does so, it’s super fast in taking the reading that displays as a color-coded indicator. And since it is a non-invasive temperature measurement device, it’s perfectly sanitary to share with all family members.

What impressed our experts the most is that it can work as a comprehensive health journal for up to 8-user. In effect, through the Withings Thermo app, you can maintain the temperature readings of up to 8-profiles and even share them with your health advisers. Apart from the temperature readings, you can share the symptoms, your comments, medication, or even photos. Indeed, this feature surely places this device in a league of its own.

Additionally, fevers can lead to body aches and pain, which is why having one of the best tens-units for instant pain relief can come in handy.



  • Reads surface temperature
  • Accurate reading
  • Non-invasive
  • No probe cover required
  • Saves readings for up to 8-profiles
  • Backlit present
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Three Light Indicators
  • Easy to Read and Use



  • App download is mandatory

5. Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Bolikim Medical Thermometer for Adults

Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Bolikim Medical Thermometer for Adults High Sensitive Sensor with Fever Alarm, 32 Sets Memory, Large HD LCD Display for Adult Baby
128 Reviews
Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Bolikim Medical Thermometer for Adults High Sensitive Sensor with Fever Alarm, 32 Sets Memory, Large HD LCD Display for Adult Baby
  • 【MEDICAL GRADE THERMOMETER】BOLIKIM Thermometer For Adults Forehead Equipped with the ultra-sensitive Germany sensor in combination with the innovative...
  • 【POWERFUL STORAGE MEMORY FUNCTION】This Thermometer for Adults Forehead Equipped with Upgrade Smart Chip made in Germany can store up to 32 sets of data....
  • 【HD LCD LARGE SCREEN】Bolikim Forehead Thermometer with a Large LCD screen displays clear readings. Instant read thermometer with mute/un-mute mode, Clean,...
  • 【SAFE AND PROFESSIONAL】Our thermometer for adults forehead is reliable on its safety and accuracy. The delicate and compact thermometer is dedicated to...
  • 【BOLIKIM GUARANTEE AFTER-SALE SERVICES】 The BOLIKIM team selects materials and components Lab tested to ensure user safety. All BOLIKIM products will be...

With the power to measure and display results in just a few seconds, the Bolikim forehead thermometer is a safe and fast product. Being an established brand, Bolikim takes pride in supporting all its products with a 360-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, the 2-year warranty speaks for the quality even more.
Apart from being quick and accurate, it can store 32 data-sets with its ultra-sensitive chip made with German engineering, well known for its expertise.
What’s more, it has an accuracy level of +/-0.4 F and an auto shut-off feature. Furthermore, the mute button makes it very convenient to measure the temperature without disturbing the patient. Also, the lard backlit LCD screen display is perfect for taking the readings even in the dark. To sum up, we highly recommend this device for personal as well as professional use.

Furthermore, you can try using a nebulizer to restrict the infection and make the patient feel better. Take a look at our list of the best nebulizers available online. 



  • It comes with an auto shut off in 15-sec
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Can store up to 32 readings
  • It is safe and fast to use
  • The product offers enhanced safety and is germs free
  • Reads in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Measure temperature from 2-inch distance
  • It is battery powered



  • Batteries not included.

Best Digital Forehead Thermometer

Digital thermometers are easy to use and very handy for immediate situations that require temperature monitoring. Equipped with an LCD screen that lights up, our recommendation below is far ahead in its category. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

6. Braun No Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer

Braun No Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer -  Touchless Thermometer for Adults, Babies, Toddlers and Kids – Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Results
2,659 Reviews
Braun No Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer -  Touchless Thermometer for Adults, Babies, Toddlers and Kids – Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Results
  • NON-CONTACT THERMOMETERS – This Braun 3-in-1 No Touch Forehead Thermometer allows you to take clinically accurate, reliable readings without waking a...
  • EASY TO USE – It’s simple to use, this touch free thermometer. On-screen positioning system confirms the proper distance, and guidance light directs for...
  • MOST RECOMMENDED THERMOMETERS BY PEDIATRICIANS - When checking for a fever at home, you want to use a reliable, accurate thermometer. Braun thermometers...
  • AGE PRECISION – Not just a baby thermometer, it can be used for the entire family. The definition of a fever changes as newborns and children grow into...
  • A BRAND YOU CAN RELY ON – Braun thermometers are the most recommended by pediatricians. Your family’s health is of the utmost importance, and we...

We present another exquisite model from the trusted brand, Braun, that surpasses all others in reliability. With its unique features, this one is undoubtedly one of the best digital thermometers.

Firstly, this is a 3-in-1 device that can measure the temperature of not only your forehead but also of objects and air. Hence, it is quite versatile in functionality.

Then, it gives age-precise readings with a color-coded display. For this reading, it provides you with an age-precision button that also guides you to the relevant range selection. Additionally, it is accurate and gives reading within 2-seconds. The protective scanner is a clear winner because it enhances durability in the long run.

With a digital screen on the back, the infrared technology allows the forehead thermometer to detect accurate temperature. The device is easy to use. All you need to do is place the device over the forehead and press the button.

You don’t have to touch the forehead of the individual as the infrared works wonders from a short distance. This allows the device to be used again on other people. The thermometer is easy to use and can be used in offices, schools, restaurants, and households. It is easy to use for adults and children. Our complete thumbs up to this impressive device!

While you are using the device on other people, we strongly recommend that you use disposable medical gloves to stay safe from infections.



  • Accurate digital reading
  • Infrared Detection System
  • Silent Mode Operation
  • Can Measure Room Temperature and Object Surface
  • LCD Backlight
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Age-precision adjustments
  • Three-Color Indicator
  • Quick and Reliable Results



  • A bit complicated to use

Best No Touch Forehead Thermometers

Limiting contact between people can reduce the spread of a cold or virus. Using a forehead thermometer to check a patient’s temperature is much safer if the device works without needing contact between the individuals.

Did You Know?

Non-Contact Forehead Thermometers provide results instantly. On the tiny screen, you’ll see accurate results displayed in under 2 seconds and this can help diagnose the patient’s situation.

Therefore, here’s our list of the best no-touch forehead thermometers you can buy today:

7. Mangrove Products: Nurse Approved Thermometer for Adults and Kids

Mangrove Products: Nurse Approved Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Nurse Accessories for Work, No Touch Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Nursing School Essentials, Forehead Thermometer
136 Reviews
Mangrove Products: Nurse Approved Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Nurse Accessories for Work, No Touch Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Nursing School Essentials, Forehead Thermometer
  • [NURSE APPROVED]: Tested accuracy by 50 licensed registered nurses in all specialties. Tested in ALL situations for accurate non contact thermometer temperature...
  • [HIGH POWER LEVEL ACCURACY]: Ensure quality temperature reading with nurse approved rating. Accurate results in 1 second with no contact thermometer. Optimal...
  • [PATIENT TESTED RESULTS]: Tested by licensed REGISTERED nurses and sold by nurses actively working in the USA at your local hospitals, clinics and detox...
  • [QUICK AND EASY TO USE]: Easy to use design with one touch adjustment from Fahrenheit to Celsius, Sound on to off, and Body to Surface. Polymer design ensures...
  • [NURSING SCHOOL ESSENTIALS]: Must have for nursing student essentials and nursing school essentials for clinicals or work. Nursing school supplies option as...

The ultimate purpose of a thermometer is to measure the precise body temperature and display it promptly. That is what this Mangrove digital thermometer exactly does.

In the first place, it boasts of being tested by licensed nurses. Now, this vehemently substantiates our confidence in this device. Additionally, the large, digital display makes it very easy to read the measurements. And with the color coded display, you’ll when to take things more seriously. Moreover, it delivers accurate temperature within one second and shuts down automatically after 10 seconds.

Apart from this, it has a sound control mode, making it perfect for temperature taking on toddlers and sleeping infants. Moreover, it has both Fahrenheit and Celcius measurement options. With the memory storage for 32 readings, you can easily keep track of the trend. And finally, the device is capable of measuring surface temperature as well. Now, ist’s this a great help in checking your baby’s milk temperature!

On a side note, keeping a track of your weight can help you stay healthy. Take a look at our list of the best analog bathroom scales. 



  • Easy to Read
  • Convenient to Use
  • Large Screen
  • No Touch Needed
  • Accurate Reading
  • Has storage for 32 readings
  • Silent Mode Operation
  • Non-Invasive
  • Quick
  • Easy to Use



  • Batteries not included

8. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer
890 Reviews
Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer
  • Exergen Temporal Thermometer

This thermometer is a highly reliable and convenient product that finds favor with most doctors and nurses. Undoubtedly, it makes temperature reading a lot sanitary and accurate as compared to many other thermometers.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended not only by the medical practitioners but also by the parents who have used it. The reason being, it can measure accurate temperature with a gentle forehead scan. 

Additionally, with the capacity to takes 1,000 readings per second, it is the safest, comfortable, and most convenient product to use. Though using this product is very easy, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the instructions and directions before using it. Since improper handling can result in an inaccurate temperature scan, one needs to be extra cautious.

The reason this device appealed to us is that its arterial heat balance measures an accurate temperature. Moreover, because it takes reading from the carotid artery, it is accurate and preferred by doctors. With red LED lights and a soft beep indicate precise scan, it is an excellent thermometer suitable for people of all ages. 

Meanwhile, you can also look at our list of the 5-most expensive first-aid kits money can buy to complete your reliable home medical kit. 



  • Easy and very simple to use
  • Temperature is displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • It delivers accurate temperature when done precisely
  • LED Lights offer a clear display
  • Makes temperature-taking very easy



  • Improper placement can result in misleading results
  • It is essential to properly handle thermometer to get the accurate temperature reading

9. Personal Contactless Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer: Adults, Kids, Babies

Personal Contactless Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer: Adults, Kids, Babies – Non Contact Smart Talking Medical Infrared Thermometer – Most Accurate Handheld IR Laser Instant Read Fever Thermometer
145 Reviews
Personal Contactless Digital Forehead & Ear Thermometer: Adults, Kids, Babies – Non Contact Smart Talking Medical Infrared Thermometer – Most Accurate Handheld IR Laser Instant Read Fever Thermometer
  • [State of The Art, Clinical Accuracy] – Each and every temperature reading you get from your new Advocate is accurate within 0.2°C (0.4°F). This is...
  • [Measures ANY Temperature] – It doesn't matter if you are an adult, a child, a baby, or even an elderly person: the Advocate is designed for you. It will...
  • [Intelligent Talking Thermometer] – The Advocate speaks two languages: English and Spanish. The Advocate can guide you through the testing process, and...
  • [Non Contact Technology] – The Advocate works up to 5 cm away from your forehead or ear, making it convenient, safe, and incredibly hygienic! Prevent the...
  • [Excellent Memory] – Can't remember what the last temperature was? Don't worry, the Advocate will remember for you. With an outstanding memory bank of up to...

This talking thermometer is a unique product we have included in our list. Yes, this is true! This one’s a bilingual device that can walk you through the entire testing process in English or Spanish, as per your preference.

Apart from this big bonus, this product is accurate up to 0.4°F. Additionally, it has all the features available in some of the best infrared thermometers we have listed above. To enumerate a few – it takes reading within 1 second from a distance of up to 5 cm, is hygienic, and can take the reading from the ear as well.

Besides reading body temperature, the Advocate can also read the temperature of liquids and air around you. What’s more, it can remember your last 12 readings in Fahrenheit or Celcius. Well, this looks like a complete package at a reasonable price!

In fact, for medical experts, we recommend taking a look at our detailed article on the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set. 



  • Easy to use
  • Simple yet affordable
  • 12-readings storage
  • Bilingual talking feature
  • Scan temperature without physical contact
  • FSA or HSA eligible



  • Only 1-year warranty

Most Accurate Forehead Thermometer

Accuracy is the most vital feature a thermometer can have. Some thermometers take a second to produce results, while others take 3-5 seconds. The time is meaningless if the result is wrong. For a perfect diagnosis, you need the right temperature. And here’s the right device to measure just that:

10. Bionso Non Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Kids

Bionso Non Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Premium and Professional Accurate No Touch Medical Temperature Gun, Infrared Touchless Digital Human Thermometer, LED HD, Fever Alarm
624 Reviews
Bionso Non Contact Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Premium and Professional Accurate No Touch Medical Temperature Gun, Infrared Touchless Digital Human Thermometer, LED HD, Fever Alarm
  • Professional, Accurate and Durable: We have more than 10 years of experience in the development and production of touchless thermometers and obtained the...
  • No-touch, Fast and Fever Alarm: The thermometer does not need to touch the patient to get an accurate measurement and helps avoid cross infection. Provides a...
  • Convenient Function: Easy to operate, one-button temperature measurement, quick switch between ℉/℃ and back, storage of previous temperature measurements,...
  • Compatible and Multi-functional: Suitable for adults, the elderly, children, and infants, it can also measure the temperature of objects, food, liquids and...
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: The thermometer ships from a US warehouse. We provide professional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns,...

The final thermometer on our list is the Bionso Infrared. Though last in the list, it should not be mistaken for having the least features. Reason being that it has received stringent US and EU product certifications.

Starting with its functionalities, it is a fast product that delivers accurate results within 1 sec. For this reason, this forehead thermometer is better than any rectal or tympanic thermometer. Other reasons for its accuracy are its high-quality German-make sensors and the patented unique probe head structure.

Since this thermometer does not require any contact with the body, it has fewer chances of contamination. Another one of its numerous advanced features is the multi-mode measurement. Effectively it can measure the temperature of an object, surface, liquid, room, or body.

Furthermore, this thermometer comes with a silent mode that is useful for measuring fever without disturbing the patient. Additionally, it can save a maximum of 32-readings, which is ideal for a serial analysis. Moreover, it is easy to use and offers alerts with backlights. It is a non-invasive product that provides hygiene, color indication, and an LED display.

In summary, this product with the components from the trusted German engineering is here to make a mark.

Also, make sure you check out our list of the best Bluetooth thermometers available online. 



  • Has stringent US and EU certifications
  • Non-invasive
  • Hygienic
  • Click and point functionality
  • LED Display
  • Color Indicator
  • Offer Alerts with Back Lights
  • Easy to Use
  • Silent Mode makes it easy to use in the night



  • No audio readouts
  • Batteries not included

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Forehead Thermometer

Buying the best forehead thermometer can be quite a task, as there are numerous varieties available in the market. Hence, we have listed a few quick checks that might help you pick the best one for your family.

Convenient to Handle

There are numerous forehead thermometers available with extra features and innovative styles. Sometimes, these might be difficult to use and handle. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the thermometer is easy to use or not. Make sure to select a thermometer that has all the features you require and is user-friendly too.

Quick Reading

Though infrared thermometers are the quickest, the regular thermometers take some time to get the response. For this reason, it is vital to check the correct response time before buying a thermometer.


A forehead thermometer delivers accurate temperature without touching the body of the patients. It is well-known for its precise measurements and accuracy. Some of these thermometers keep records as well. Hence, pick a thermometer with a memory option.

Big LCD/LED Display

Generally, forehead thermometers come with a big LCD/LED display. While this makes it easy to read, it is actually a necessity. The reason being, if you are unable to measure right, then your diagnosis will be incorrect. Hence, select a thermometer with a slightly bigger screen so that the reading is much clearer.

Alert of Colored Lights

Most of the forehead thermometers come with two or three colored alert lights, which indicate the severity of the temperature. It is a handy feature that is useful even when there is no light. 

Position Alert

Forehead thermometers come with an alert sign or an alert sound indicating incorrect positioning. Hence, look for this feature to make your experience more convenient.


The thermometer must come with a comfortable grip and must avoid accidents and hand strain. This feature holds significance for people with shaky hands.

Silent Mode

Another useful feature that enhances the convenience of use is a silent mode. It helps you measure the temperature of babies and kids while they are sleeping.

Easy Use Buttons

The thermometers with buttons are very easy to use and are the best forehead thermometers. Since such thermometers prevent difficulties and strain, you must pick those with one or two buttons.


Forehead thermometers come with no touch feature and are healthier and more hygienic than conventional mercury thermometers. They are easy to use and hygienic too.

How to Use a Thermometer Accurately and Safely

Using a forehead thermometer involves swiping it across the patient’s forehead. You begin in the middle of the forehead and slide it to the side.

There is a science behind this that involves scanning the heat released from the temporal artery. Arterial temperatures usually have the same temperature as the blood flowing out and in the heart. Hence, this technique offers a reading close to the actual body temperature.

While this is considered the correct means of discerning temperature, you should keep a few things in mind.

Foremost, when using a forehead thermometer, make sure that you are familiar with the perfect way to use it. Most forehead thermometers require specific handling for obtaining accurate results. Hence, most of these devices come with proper instructions.

Next, remember, certain conditions like sweating can lower the overall temperature of the forehead. Hence, the resultant reading on a forehead thermometer might get impacted. In this case, you must wipe off sweat from the forehead with a cloth before taking their temperature. As a result, you will get the most accurate reading from your thermometer.

Do more with a forehead thermometer:

Forehead thermometers can be used to scan axilla, umbilicus or even the neck, besides the forehead. As long as you scan a part of the body which is not covered by hair, you can expect accurate results.

Are Forehead Thermometers Accurate?

Forehead thermometers can last from 3-months to 6-years, depending on the quality and brand of the product. With a difference of +/- 0.4 degrees, it provides immediate results. Additionally, you don’t have to come into contact with the patient when checking their temperature. Overall, they are very reliable and safe to use. For best results, try using the device over the forehead and the ear thermometers. For more information, refer to this article from Mayo Clinic, understanding your thermometer options.


Forehead thermometers offer an easy, accurate, and hygienic way of measuring the body’s temperature. We would suggest you follow the guidelines we have mentioned while buying a forehead thermometer for yourself to enable the best buy. More so, make sure to follow the instruction booklet for accurate results.

It has been our sincere endeavor to present you with the best forehead thermometers. Further, we hope that our research helps you make the best choice.

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