EMS vs TENS Units vs Ultrasound Machines: Which to Choose and Why?

People often get confused between Tens Units, EMS, and Ultrasound machines because they appear similar. However, these devices are different from each other and have varied uses. Though the idea behind all three is to relieve pain, it is the process of pain relief and where you use the device that makes a difference. Here’s a look at all three devices, their benefits, and how to use them correctly. 

Tens Units: The device is used to relieve nerve and joint pains. You can also use them on muscles, but they recommended for inflammatory arthritis, foot pains, and even back pains. The tens units have small pads that you can stick to the affected part, and it sends small electric pulses to the affected area. They work as a low risk, pain relief device, but lack strong backing and clinical evidence to support long-lasting results. Furthermore, the Tens Unit targets nerves, which is why you feel more relaxed during your recovery. Here’s a link to the best Tens Units you can purchase online. The Article includes a buyer’s guide and reviews showing you the best products available.

EMS Machines: If you are an athlete or just out of surgery, the EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) machine is more suited for you. These machines offer a muscle recovering therapy, which not only strengthens the muscle but also relieves pain as you go ahead. Additionally, these machines improve blood circulation and boost your recovery process. It sends electrical muscle stimulations to the affected area and works wonders overstrained muscles. Moreover, if you are recovering from surgery and need to ‘wake’ your muscle, the EMS machine can help you improve recovery speed. 

Ultrasound Machines: By using Therapeutic sound waves, the Ultrasound machine is very effective on joints and deep pains. These waves cannot be heard by humans but work wonders on injuries such as runner’s knee, joint pains, and strained muscles. You might have seen one in a hospital, but you can also get a portable ultrasound machine to use in the comfort of your home. The biggest drawback of the device is that it cannot relieve the pain from all parts of your body. However, by using premium devices, you can get the right frequency to take away pains from joints. Here’s a list of the best Portable Ultrasound machines available online.

Each device has its own use and should be used accordingly. If you want a device that relieves pain quickly and helps you recover from an injury, you should purchase a Tens Unit. If you want to improve the recovery process, you should get an EMS machine. If you are looking for a drug-less substitute for painkillers, the Ultrasound machine is your best choice. Make sure you check out the links attached to the product description above so you can get the benefits of your purchase.