5 Most Expensive Thermometers – The Ultimate Guide (updated)

High body temperature can be a warning sign of severe illness. Hence, if your body temperature is consistently high, regular monitoring becomes essential. 

Indeed, the handiest medical equipment to monitor the temperature of your body is a Thermometer.

Whether it is your home, workplace, or travel, having a thermometer nearby makes it easy to keep a close check on your body’s temperature. But it is not worth investing in a low-quality thermometer offering limited features. 

Hence, we suggest you pick an expensive thermometer that allows measuring temperature faster. Besides, it should also have various features such as fever alarms, perfect displays, and more. With this in mind, we have shortlisted the best expensive thermometers for you. So, check our comprehensive guide here!

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Did You Know?

Infrared thermometers and other expensive ones are a result of the need to check a patients temperature without touching the patient. This allows the person checking the temperature to avoid coming into contact with the patient.

Most Expensive Thermometers – Expert Recommendations

  1. Fluke 62 Max Plus Infrared Thermometer – The Fluke thermometer gives accurate readings and comes with dual laser technology. 
  2. sucete Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer for Adults and Kids – This non-contact infrared thermometer reads temperature from the forehead without any physical contact, thereby preventing cross-infection between multiple users.
  3. Fluke - FLUKE-54-2 B 60HZ 54-2 Dual Input Digital Thermometer  – If you are looking for extremely accurate results for product yields, compliance, energy savings, or for any other purpose, this thermometer from Fluke is a perfect choice.
  4. No Contact Temperature Scanner Kiosk Device – This high-tech infrared sensor is an innovative device that delivers fast and safe measurements in just two second.
  5. No products found. – The 67-Max is perfoect for adults, elders, infants, and people of all ages which is why we added it to our list of the most expensive thermometers you need to buy.

5 Top Most Expensive Thermometers Available Online

1. Fluke 62 Max Plus Infrared Thermometer

Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometer (Not for human temp), -20 to +1202 Degree F Range
1,651 Reviews
Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometer (Not for human temp), -20 to +1202 Degree F Range
  • Infrared thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurement for use in monitoring electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and automotive systems
  • Measures temperature from 30 to 650 degrees C (22 to 1202 degrees F) with an accuracy of or 1 degree C or or 1.0 percent of the reading from 0 to 650 degrees C
  • Dual lasers rotate to pinpoint the edges of the measurement area
  • Displays the minimum, the maximum, the difference between the 2 temperatures, and the average temperatures
  • Certified IP54 for protection against dust and splashing liquid

Firstly, Fluke 62 Max appears on our list of the most expensive thermometers. Not only is it, a premium grade non-contact thermometer, but it also uses dual lasers to for complete control over the surface temperature. That’s why, this handy product that offers distant (non-contact) temperature readings has immensely impressed us.

Similar to Fluke’s exceptional Multimeter line, the thermometer holds superior quality and attention to detail. What’s more, it can measure a temperature range from -22 to +1202 Degrees Fahrenheit with a brilliant accuracy rate. We feel that the tool is an excellent choice, especially, for those who wish to check the temperature difference between two objects placed nearby. 

It uses two AA batteries, which are economical to replace. Additionally, it has the option to use rechargeable batteries. While the backlit allows convenient reading of the measurement, the display lives for a short time of just 5 seconds. Moreover, you need to set the thermometer emissivity correctly to get relatively accurate temperature readings.

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  • High-temperature range measurement
  • Certified IP54
  • Precise and accurate readings
  • Displays min.,max., and average temperatures along with the difference
  • Dual laser enhance accuracy



  • Perfect to measure extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers accurate results every time



  • It is a medical-grade product not meant for home or personal use.

2. sucete Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Digital Forehead Thermometer

sucete Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer for Adults and Kids, Digital Forehead Thermometer
  • 【sucete Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer】This forehead thermometer is special designed to take the human body temperature with 0cm-3cm(0-1.18inches)...
  • 【Instant and accurate readings】 This thermometer equipped with the advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor reads fast, it only takes 1...
  • 【Complete Features】 Practical,easy to use, aim to the body forehead and press the scan button. For your convenience, the tested temperature unit can be...
  • 【Memory Recall and Intelligent Fever Alarm】The body thermometer can memorize the last 40 temperature measurements. And the backlit will display RED color...
  • 【Multifunctional】Infrared thermometer for adults is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. In addition to measuring forehead, it can also measure...

Secondly, we have this non-contact infrared thermometer that reads temperature from the forehead without any physical contact. Hence, it goes a long way in preventing cross-infection between multiple users. Not only can it accurately read the body temperature, but also memorizes the last 40-measurements. As a result, we were quite impressed with this device.

What’s more, this multi-mode device is ideal for all ages, adults, the elderly, and infants. Another outstanding feature we liked is the three-color clear LCD -display. The color indication, as well as the backlit display, makes it easy to read. Moreover, its fever alarm and auto-off function are a feather in the cap. Hence, we highly recommend this FDA approved device for your fever monitoring needs.

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  • Non-contact infrared technology
  • ℃ or ℉ unit toggle
  • Four color LCD-display
  • Inbuilt with fever alarm
  • 40-temperature reading memory
  • Auto shut-off functionality
  • Fast measurement in just one second
  • Multi-funtional. Can read room, liquids and object temperature



  • Measures temperature of humans and objects
  • Useful for all ages, from infants to elders
  • Easy to read the temperature
  • Measures extreme temperatures
  • Delivers high accurate results



  • There is no battery included. Hence, you have to spend additional money on new batteries.

Did You Know?

In the 1960’s China started to develop the infrared thermometer and it was only in 1990 that the device was sold in lager scale.

3. FLUKE-54-2 B 60HZ 54-2 Dual Input Digital Thermometer with USB Recording

Fluke - FLUKE-54-2 B 60HZ 54-2 Dual Input Digital Thermometer with USB Recording, 3 AA Battery, -418 to 3212 Degree F Range, 60 Hz Noise Rejection
20 Reviews
Fluke - FLUKE-54-2 B 60HZ 54-2 Dual Input Digital Thermometer with USB Recording, 3 AA Battery, -418 to 3212 Degree F Range, 60 Hz Noise Rejection
  • Fluke 54 II B dual input digital thermometer can log up to 500 points of data to internal memory. Fast response and laboratory accuracy (0.05% + 0.3°C). Buy N
  • Large backlit dual display shows any combination of T1, T2 (52 and 54 only), T1-T2 (52 and 54 only), plus MIN, MAX, or AVG
  • Recall function allows logged data to be easily reviewed on the meter display
  • Infrared USB communication port allows data to be exported to optional FlukeView Forms Temperature PC software for further analysis and graphing
  • Data Logging up to 500 points of data with user adjustable recording interval

Another highly efficient thermometer from Fluke appears on our list of the most expensive thermometers. Not only is this Fluke 54-2-B accurate, but it also provides very prompt readings. Furthermore, with a wide range of temperature readings between -40 to +260 degrees C (-40 to +500 degrees F), it guarantees wide applications. 

Specifically, its 500 point data storage caught our attention. As a result, you could use these readings for a good data analysis. Thus, this product is perfect for industrial applications. Besides, its infrared USB communication port lets you analyze the data obtained through Flukeview software. 

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  • Measures high temperature range
  • High accurate results
  • Store up to 500 data points
  • Has Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin unit measurement
  • Provides max.,min., and average temperatures
  • Confirms to NIST, CE,CSA and EU directives
  • Large dual backlit display



  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Has water and dust proof body
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with advanced technologies



  • For only industrial or home appliance and automotive use

4. No Contact Temperature Scanner Kiosk Device + Attendance Bundle with Adjustable Stand

No Contact Temperature Scanner Kiosk Device + Attendance Bundle with Adjustable Stand & RFID Cards - Facial Recognition Enabled with Phone app (Light Tripod Floor Stand + 100 RFID Cards)
21 Reviews
No Contact Temperature Scanner Kiosk Device + Attendance Bundle with Adjustable Stand & RFID Cards - Facial Recognition Enabled with Phone app (Light Tripod Floor Stand + 100 RFID Cards)
  • Accurate Temp. Measurement: Infrared temperature measurement under 2 sec, from up to 13" distance (F or C switchable). Good for high traffic areas much faster...
  • Automatic Recording: Records all users temperature & time of scan via facial recognition or RFID scan in the cloud. No software required for setup, all using...
  • Alert & notification: Sound alerts for high & abnormal temperature. Data can be recorded securely in the cloud with detailed reports and charts. Supports...
  • Best value & price: Since software is built locally in the US you get best quality, and most competitive price in the market for a complete solution that can be...
  • All-in-one: 10.2" Kiosk + Kiosk wall mount + Kiosk 49" floor stand + 100 RFID cards. Everything you need to get going right away

So far, we have looked at some compact and portable thermometers. However, the next one on our list of the most expensive thermometers is the No contact temperature scanner Kiosk device from Facegraph.

Firstly, this high-end device comes with a stand and a Facegraph kiosk tablet. Hence, you can either fix it on the stand to scan the forehead temperature or place it on the wall without the stand. Not only does it read the forehead temperature accurately, but also within 2 seconds. Besides, it can read the temperature from a distance of 13-inches. Furthermore, we were in awe of its cloud storage feature. It automatically stores the temperature readings, as well as the time of the scan. Though this is not a device for medical emergencies, it is a valuable device for scanning the general public for temperature-monitoring. Thus, it can be of immense use in business environments like restaurants, etc., or public places like schools, hospitals, etc.

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  • Innovative infrared sensor
  • Temperature and facial scan
  • Reading in 2 second
  • Measures from 4-13 inches
  • Temperature alerts
  • Data recording and transfer 



  • Fast and safe measurement
  • Temperature alerts
  • Measures through forehead scan



  • Suitable for commercial or public places

5. Fluke 67 MAX Clinical Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer, Human Forehead Scan with Built-in Body Scan

No products found.

And finally, the last one on our list is once again from Fluke, 67 Max clinical. This infrared thermometer measures temperature from the forehead without any physical contact with the person. It prevents cross-infection between various people as well as measures accurate temperatures. At this point, we would also like to mention that it complies with ASTM E-1965-98 ISO 80601-2-56 compliance standards. Moreover, it displays readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Also, it can provide you with reliable readings within 2-3 seconds. Though the device has a high-temperature alert, it does not beep like the other devices. Thus, to maintain your privacy in public places, it just shows a HI sign on the display screen. In our opinion, this product is worth every penny.


  • No contact infrared technique
  • High temperature alert
  • One-button switch measurement
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Store up to last 10 readings
  • Patented probe design
  • Auto shut off



  • Measures temperature for the human body and objects
  • Allows a clear view of the temperature
  • Comes with battery
  • Easy to use
  • High accurate results



  • Does not store readings

Buying Guide

Picking a suitable thermometer can be tricky. Here are a few important considerations to check to ensure you pick the best thermometer.

1. Features

In addition to temperature readings, it is good to buy a thermometer that offers other features and functionalities. It is best if your thermometer has an LCD-display, fever alarm, one-touch use, storing family temperatures, and more such functionalities. Such features are useful when you have to regularly monitor the temperature.

2. Ease of Use

Your thermometer must be easy to use. It is best to pick one that offers one-touch usability. 

3 Accuracy

The most essential trait for any thermometer is that it must deliver accurate results. It is therefore essential to select a high-grade thermometer from a reputed brand. Variations in temperature readings can lead to improper results. Hence, pick a high precision thermometer only. By purchasing one of the most expensive thermometers, you won’t have to worry about accuracy being precise. 

4. Response Time

Some thermometers deliver results in just one second. Such thermometers are quite handy when it comes to monitoring infants and small kids. The infrared thermometer can deliver results faster than an oximeter, however, the devices are for different purposes. Take a look at this article about how an oximeter works and the best pulse oximeters available online. 

5. No Body Contact

If you will be using one thermometer for the entire family, it is best to pick one that measures temperature without any contact with the body. This prevents pass of infection from one person to the other.

6. Safety

Few thermometer models come with protective probe covers, case covers, and other safety accessories, which may be a choking hazard for kids. If you are buying a thermometer for kids or infants, it must be free from small parts.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance

Thermometers that need less maintenance and offers lasting performance are better than those that need regular cleaning and maintenance. For this reason, a large number of people prefer buying infrared thermometers. It’s also a good practice to use nitrile medical gloves to further reduce the risk of any infection.

Myth Busted

The infrared thermometer does not emit radiation. There is a common misconception that the device emits radiation over the brain when used. This is not true.


Q. What is the best way to use a thermometer?

A. Your thermometer may either come with a mercury tip or monitors temperature from a distance. The best way to measure temperature using a thermometer is to place it on or close to the forehead or ear depending on the model.

Q. Does high body temperature is a serious warning sign?

A. If a patient is suffering from high body temperature for more than two days, it becomes essential to seek medical assistance fast. Yes, continuous high temperature is a warning sign.

Q. Is it worth buying an expensive thermometer?

A. You must buy a thermometer depending on your budget. However, a low-grade or budgeted thermometer may not offer features, functionalities, and ease of use as that offered by an expensive one. If your budget allows, it is best to purchase an expensive thermometer, which is usually, a one-time cost. When you purchase one of the most expensive thermometers, you can rest assured that the basics are met. Similar to this article, we have listed the most expensive wheelchairs money can buy. 


Infrared or contactless thermometers are the most expensive ones. They allow measuring body temperature from a distance. Though buying an expensive thermometer can be a big deal initially, but they require less maintenance and cleaning. Also, if you want a multipurpose thermometer, you must purchase one that can measure the temperature of the human body and objects. The best way to find the best device is to always analyse the most expensive thermometers available. However, if money is a limitation, this article listing the best infrared thermometers available online can help. 

Last updated on 2021-12-01 // Source: Amazon Affiliates