Are Nebulizers Safe for Babies?

Are nebulizers safe for small babies or kids?

Being a parent, this and more such questions pop-ups in your mind as soon as the doctor announces your child needs nebulization. We often keep on thinking, is a nebulizer safe for the babies? Does nebulization render any side-effects to these tiny tots?

Presently, if you have such questions in mind and you are browsing online to get an accurate answer for all your queries, then we will ease out matters for you.

Our post addresses all queries that you might have related to using nebulizers for babies. This way, you will be able to decide whether you want to use this device for your little tot or not.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is battery-operated or electronic medical equipment used to administer liquid medication directly into the lungs of a patient. This practice is administered to provide immediate relief from respiratory issues. With the help of a nebulizer, liquid medicine is converted into tiny mists so that it can conveniently reach the respiratory tract via inhalation.

Usually, a doctor suggests nebulization to patients met with respiratory issues. Since infants or small kids cannot inhale on their own, a nebulizer seems an ideal choice in offering them temporary relief.

While most of the people don’t have any issue using a nebulizer, some prefer oral medications over it.  

How Nebulizer Functions or Works?

Be it battery operated or electronically operated, a nebulizer consists of 3 crucial parts – a face mask, a nebulizer cup, and a machine.

The medical cup also called a medical dispenser is used to place the liquid medication or saline solution. This cup is connected to the face mask and the nebulizer machine through internal tubes.

The face mask is fitted to the cup and placed on the face of the patient. After that, the machine is switched on.

As soon as the machine starts functioning, the medicine begins converting into small airborne droplets. The baby is made to inhale the medicine for 10 minutes. Inhalation at regular intervals ensures that the medicine reaches the baby’s lungs and provides relief.

Using a nebulizer is very much easy. This practice is suitable for young kids, infants, adults, and elders as it is known to offer maximum effect in a safe manner.

Is It Viable to Use Nebulizer for Kids or Infants?

Yes, nebulization is absolutely a safe practice for patients of all ages. In fact, it is one of the safest solutions to deal with respiratory problems.

Infants or kids experiencing chronic respiratory ailments like cystic fibrosis, asthma, and acute diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, and more, can use a nebulizer on a regular basis.

Since it comes with a face mask for babies, which they cannot hold in their mouth, so nebulizer seems an effective solution to deal with most of the breathing ailments in babies.

Nebulizer for Babies – Whether to Use It or Not?

Nebulization is a great option for babies experiencing severe breathing difficulties due to cough or cold. However, you must not use a nebulizer for just everything!

You must use a nebulizer for babies only when your doctor suggests you to do so. For minor issues like cold, cough, or seasonal allergy, it is best to use saline water for nebulization. If a kid or a baby is unable to consume medicine directly then you may offer it through nebulization, only after doctor’s recommendations.

How Often a Nebulizer must be used for Babies?

You must always use a nebulizer as per the suggestions of your doctor. The usage may vary depending on the severity of the respiratory ailment your baby is experiencing.

The doctor would prescribe the use of nebulizer before bedtime for regular colds and coughs, to multiple times a day for acute respiratory ailments. Babies suffering from asthma or acute respiratory ailments would be required to use a nebulizer several times a day as they regularly experience issues like sneezes, colds, and allergic problems.

One the immunity of your child gets developed and his breathing issues become manageable, you can then stop using a nebulizer or may use only when the doctors suggest.

Using Nebulizers for Babies with Cold

The doctor suggests using a nebulizer for babies with cold. It is because in this situation their airways get clogged and they experience trouble breathing. Babies find it extremely difficult to handle nasal congestion as they cannot blow their noses and are not able to spit phlegm.

In addition to using home remedies for cough and cold, you can use a nebulizer to clear up your baby’s nose. With nebulization, it is possible to loosen and moisten the mucus that can be then conveniently cleaned with a napkin. Hence, nebulization offers great relief to babies met with congestion.

Should Medicines be used in a Nebulizer?

You can practice nebulization with or without medicine. It is because nebulizer offers a route to pass the medicine or warm mists into the lungs.

You can practice nebulization without medication if your baby is suffering from a simple cough and cold. In this case, saline water is best to offer relief. But if your baby has a major respiratory issue like asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, corticosteroids, or other issues, then anti-inflammatory medications are added to the nebulizer.

Are there Any Side-Effects of Using a Nebulizer for Babies?

A nebulizer is designed in a way so as to offer maximum relief in a secured manner. But you must make sure to keep the nebulizer slightly away from the baby’s face. Though using this medical device is absolutely safe, but there can be mild side-effects of using it for babies.

  • The child may experience nausea.
  • The child could have an irritated or dry throat.
  • If strong medicines are offered for a long time then the baby can feel slight pain.
  • Using unclean nebulizer machine can cause infections.

You now have answers to all your queries. You see, using a nebulizer is absolutely safe for babies, but make sure you use it only when your doctor advises to do so.