Ultrasound Therapy To Alleviate Chronic Pains

Ultrasound therapy is primarily used by physical therapists and chiropractors to treat arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle pain. This is a great way to work pain from various body parts and even augment healing. 

So, if you want to know how ultrasound therapy machines can treat joint pains then get the insights.

What is an Ultrasound Therapy Machine?

Ultrasound therapy machines function on the ultrasound principle. These medical devices use ultrasound waves to cure various types of injuries and chronic pains in different parts of the body. With the increased circulation of oxygen and blood offered by these machines, it becomes possible to get rid of the pain to a great extent as well as fasten the healing process of the injured area. Read more about the how to find the best ultrasound therapy machine here.

How Does Ultrasound Therapy Works?

During the process of ultrasound therapy, the machine is placed on the affected area and switched on to generate high-frequency sound waves, which penetrate deeply into the damaged or affected tissues. This is done by applying the ultrasound gel on the specific area before beginning the process.

The high ultrasound waves are targeted at the most painful or injured area of the body to alleviate the symptoms. Mostly, the process is carried using portable ultrasound therapy machines that are handheld and designed with a round crystal probe head. 

Once the gel is applied, the head of the probe is removed and the machine is moved into small circular motions during the process. The ultrasound waves, which are absorbed by the tissues causes a micro-vibration in the body tissues. Such vibrations heat tissues and increase the blood flow and supply of oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. As a result, the patient gets relief and the healing process is also fastened. For this reason, ultrasound therapy machines are best to cure ligaments, tendons, and muscle related issues.

Ultrasound Therapy Protocols

Ultrasound therapy is practiced in timely dosage and at regular intervals. Its frequency can be conveniently varied by slightly adjusting the frequency of the ultrasound beam. Using this machine is very easy as all the necessary controls are placed on the control panel of the device. You can achieve much deeper penetration of the sound waves on the affected area by lowering down the frequency. Mostly, a frequency level of 1MHz is quite successful in dealing with joint pains and deep tissue injuries.

Ultrasound therapy machines with higher frequencies are used to target injuries that are much closer to the skin surface. With a frequency level of 3MHz to 5MHz, the ultrasound may not penetrate much deeper into the body. Even this frequency may result in limited treatment scope. 

Normally, an ultrasound therapy session lasts for 10-15 minutes, depending on the severity as well as the location of the injury. 

Safety Considerations to Use Ultrasound Therapy Machines

It is essential to consider the safety guidelines while using ultrasound therapy machines. There are some areas of the body that must be avoided coming into contact with ultrasound therapy machines. Brain, face, kidneys, ovaries, spine, lungs, and liver are the areas where ultrasound therapy machines must not be practiced. Moreover, when you are using ultrasound therapy machines on pregnant females, people on coagulant medicines, and patients with pacemakers then additional care is needed.

At the same time, make sure that you do not practice the ultrasound therapy for a longer time as it may result in skin burns or overheating of the skin.


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