Wheelchair Exercises Infographic

Being a wheelchair user does not imply you have to spend a dull and boring life. Don’t let your wheelchair limit your lifestyle as even if you are disabled or have limited mobility, you can still get an active lifestyle.

Getting active will bring you vital health benefits and can help you manage easily your daily life too. From regular aerobic exercises to muscle-strengthening exercises, they are equally important for the health and overall welfare of wheelchair users as they are for other individuals.

If you are on a wheelchair due to an injury, illness, weight problem or disability, there are still numerous of ways you can exercise to boost your mood, relieve stress, ease depression, and strengthen your body muscles. Though there are challenges that you may experience with mobility issues, by adopting a strong will and creative approach, you can overcome physical limitations and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Here at bestrateddocs.com, we present to you a quick visual guide (done through 3D modelling) to some of the best exercises for individuals and seniors in wheelchairs to help live an active lifestyle. Do not restrict your wellbeing to a wheelchair! Have a look!

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