Best Analog Bathroom Scales – The Ultimate List [Updated]

Achieving good health is not easy. You have to eat right, get regular exercise, and often visit a health expert for timely checkups to ensure that everything is perfect. Even as your doctor can help you manage your health, keeping track of your weight is one of the best indicators of your overall health. Hence, we have collated a list of the best Analog Bathroom Scales for you to select. The reason being, excess weight can result in a host of health issues like diabetes and heart diseases. Therefore, it is essential to regularly track your weight to ensure you always stay in a healthy range. And what can be better than an Analog Bathroom Scale to achieve this purpose?

For one, they can help you monitor your weight daily so that you are aware of your progress and stay motivated on your weight management plan.

Whether you weigh yourself once a week, occasionally, or every day, a reliable and accurate bathroom scale is an excellent tool for maintaining health. These days, there are varieties of analog bathroom scales available that come with numerous added features. However, before discussing the various types of analog bathroom scales, here are some more benefits of a bathroom scale.

Why You Need a Bathroom Scale?

Your weight is a good indicator of your overall health. For this reason, a bathroom scale is a perfect device to help monitor your weight frequently and maintain your general health condition.

With a bathroom scale in place, it is possible to maintain your body weight in a healthy range. In addition to this, if you can avoid weight gain, it may help prevent severe health conditions, including:

  • Stroke
  • Breathing issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Some Cancers

Hence, an analog bathroom scale is an affordable and vital tool for people trying to shed off extra pounds from their body. In addition to weight loss, they improve their overall fitness level as well. Moreover, such a scale would also help you measure your Body Mass Index or BMI, muscle percentage, body fat, and other data. Therefore, while monitoring the progress of your health, you can control your fitness and diet routines.

Different Kinds of Bathroom Scales

Digital Bathroom Scales

These bathroom scales mainly operate on battery power, but some models are solar-powered. A digital screen displays the weight of the user. In general, they provide more accurate results than analog bathroom scales.

Additionally, some high-end digital bathroom scales allow users to track more data than bodyweight, like body fat, BMI, bone mass, body water, calorie consumption, and muscle percentage. Moreover, many of these scales can even store data for numerous users.

Mechanical / Analog Bathroom Scales

This type of scale operates on a spring mechanism. Hence, there is no need for batteries or other sources of power to function. Furthermore, most of them have an easy-to-read, large dial where the result is displayed. However, you cannot track any other data from it.

Though this is one of the most affordable scales available, it may not be the most accurate one.

High-Tech Bathroom Scales

Though these scales have a digital functionality, they also offer the added advantage of working via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence, these scales allow you to send data from your machine to a fitness application on your phone. As a result, it is much easier to track your weight and fitness level.

With this information in mind, let’s check our list of the 10-best analog bathroom scales that have passed rigorous tests to deliver you the most accurate results within your budget.

The 10 Best Analog Bathroom Scales

  1. Detecto D1130 Large Dial Bathroom Scale, 300 lb Capacity

Detecto D1130 Large Dial Bathroom Scale, 300 lb Capacity
137 Reviews
Detecto D1130 Large Dial Bathroom Scale, 300 lb Capacity
  • Heavy-duty mechanical construction supports and weighs users up to 300 lb
  • Low-profile design allows users to keep the scale out of the way when not in Use
  • Large-diameter Dial provides an easily visible readout, even for taller athletes
  • Non-skid vinyl mat keeps the scale from moving when users step on and off
  • Large 11. 25 in. Wide x 11. 75 in. Deep platform provides plenty of room

The number one analog bathroom scale on our list is the extra-large dial scale from Detecto. It is a perfect option for you if you want to save yourself the hassle of changing batteries or are looking for a no-frill scale.

The unique feature of this analog scale is its easy-to-read, oversized rotating dial. Further, the dial comes with a large 11.25” x 11.75” platform engineered from a vinyl and non-slip material. Hence, you will form a perfect grip on the platform even when you have come from a wet shower.

Though the analog scale is quite heavy and bulky in weight, this feature enhances its user appeal. Additionally, its hefty weight would ensure that the machine does not slip while measuring weight. This device can manage a maximum weight of 300lbs. The retro style and modern features make it an excellent product for the users. We would say that this is perfect for very tall people.



  • Excellent grip platform
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extra-large dial
  • Rotating and easy-to-read dial
  • Great weight holding capacity
  • Non-slip platform
  • Great combination of traditional look and modern features



  • Slightly heavy as compared to other similar products

  2. Kinlee Stainless Steel Professional Extra-Large Analog Mechanical Dial Precision Scale

Kinlee Stainless Steel Professional Extra-Large Analog Mechanical Dial Precision Scale for Fathers Day(SILVERII)
148 Reviews
Kinlee Stainless Steel Professional Extra-Large Analog Mechanical Dial Precision Scale for Fathers Day(SILVERII)
  • There maybe a slight error in the mechanical scale.If you pursue accurate data, please consider carefully before buying and hoping to understand.
  • Accurately measures body weight up to 350 lbs or 160kg and uses an extra large platform with soft mats, providing added comfort while weighing in.
  • Updated Version, We have upgraded our scale, the number of scale has become larger, it's easier for anyone in the family to read their weight.
  • This dial scale is Precision and High quality.
  • Perfect gift for Father's Day-This weight scale will be helpfully supervising people to keep healthy weight in daily life. Let’s care about our father’s...

One more excellent scale on our list is from the brand Wasing. With the capacity to measure up to 350 lbs, this scale is perfect for weight measurement. Not only does it have a wide-base of 18 inches by 13.4 inches, but also soft mats for your comfort. Also, the non-slip texture of the mats ensures your safety while weighing.

Further, its latest version comes with enlarged numbers on the scale. Hence, it is much easier to read them even from a long distance. What’s most intriguing about this machine is that it does not require any batteries. Due to its traditional spring system scale mechanism, it saves you from the hassle of changing batteries now and then. In our opinion, this is a perfect bathroom scale to have.

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  • Enlarged numbers
  • Non -slip mats
  • Easy-to-read results
  • Visually appealing design with a large dial
  • Professional-quality features
  • Oversized platform
  • Built-in alarm



  • Each division on the scale is equal to 2 lbs.

  3. Salter Professional Analog Mechanical Dial Bathroom Scale

Salter Pro-Helix Professional Oversized Bathroom Scale with Black Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat, 400 LB Capacity, Analog Scale, 18.25' x 13.0' Black/White
3,963 Reviews
Salter Pro-Helix Professional Oversized Bathroom Scale with Black Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat, 400 LB Capacity, Analog Scale, 18.25" x 13.0" Black/White
  • Quality and Precision: Salter Pro-Helix Professional Scale is the Pinnacle of timeless design with a combination of over 250 years of experience.

The next on our list is this high-capacity analog bathroom scale from Salter that can withstand weight up to 400lbs. The first feature that impressed us is an oversized and easy-to-read mechanical scale dial of 7.5 inches. Moreover, it comes in a combination of black, grey, and classic white contrasting colors, making it visually appealing.

In addition to this, it holds a large platform of 18.25 inches x 13 inches. Furthermore, a non-slip textured mat covering its platform supports easy weight monitoring. Besides, the powder-covered steel base is durable, strong, holds excellent corrosion resistance, and easy-to-clean. Even as it’s easy to maintain and convenient to use, the product offers high accuracy.

What’s more, it comes with a dual measuring mechanism, metric and imperial. In our opinion, as it offers excellent results under all circumstances, it is value for your money.

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  • High-capacity scale
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Oversized dial
  • Visually appealing colors and design
  • Non-slip and textured platform
  • Durable, corrosion resistance, powder covered steel base
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Dual measuring functionality



  • May not serve too heavy individuals

 4. Salter Professional Analog 400lb Capacity Bathroom Scale, Black/Red

Salter Pro-Helix Professional Oversized Bathroom Scale with Black Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat, 400 LB Capacity, Analog Scale, 18.25 x 13.0 Inch, Black/Red
3,963 Reviews
Salter Pro-Helix Professional Oversized Bathroom Scale with Black Vinyl Anti-Slip Bath Mat, 400 LB Capacity, Analog Scale, 18.25 x 13.0 Inch, Black/Red
  • Quality and Precision: Salter Pro-Helix Professional Scale is the Pinnacle of timeless design with a combination of over 250 years of experience
  • This scale has a retro look with a bold, brilliant red color that makes it really stand out
  • The powder-coated steel base and hard wearing vinyl mat are durable and built to last
  • The scale is equipped with a steel mechanism for years of guaranteed performance
  • This item comes with a 5-year limited warranty

The fourth one on our list, Salter 916, is the epitome of ageless design as well as unbeatable quality. Its first exclusive feature is a 7.5-inch dial that makes it easy to read the measurement. Following this is the large 18.25-inch by 13-inch platform for you to stand comfortably. Other than these structural conveniences, the powder-coated steel base ensures its durability.

What caught our attention is the 5-year limited warranty that comes with this product. Now, this is the sure sign of high quality! Apart from this, it has the backing of a brand with 250-years of experience making machines that exhibit unwavering accuracy. And finally, the multi-scale readings of pounds and kilograms are a sure winner! This one gets a full thumbs up from us!

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  • Compact dial scale
  • Easy-to-read mechanism
  • Durable
  • Has both pounds and kilogram measures
  • Adjustable analog design
  • No need to change batteries
  • Sturdy and durable platform
  • 5-year warranty on the dial



  • Need to be positioned in the same place for consistent result

5. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale

Health o Meter Oversized Dial Scale with Easy to Read Measurements and X Large Platform
1,661 Reviews
Health o Meter Oversized Dial Scale with Easy to Read Measurements and X Large Platform
  • Health o meter's oversized dial scale makes it easy for anyone in the family to read their weight; Created with large numbers and a bright red pointer which...
  • Its traditional black and white look with chrome accents is reminiscent of the doctor's office without having to pay a visit
  • The analog design is easily adjusted, as it comes equipped with a cog so you can set it back to zero without any hassle; Using this scale also means you will...
  • Accurately measures body weight upto 400 pounds and uses an extra large platform with soft mats, providing added comfort while weighing in
  • The company behind health o meter scales knows how important weight management is to you by assuring the quality and precision of this dial scale with a 5 year...

 The next analog bathroom scale on our list is the Health O Meter dial scale. The most intriguing aspect of this scale is its extra-large scale, which is well-complemented with an extra-large platform. Further, the large dial has a bright red pointer and big numbers that ensure your weight reading is hassle-free.

Indeed, it is a perfect product for those who prefer a more professional look. Apart from the elemental combination of white and black, the product comes with chrome accents. This blending increases its aesthetics and makes it truly appealing. Moreover, the scale has an enormous weight holding capacity of 400 pounds.

Additionally, its cog feature makes it very convenient to reset the dial of this scale. In effect, it brings the pointer to a zero mark again. Moreover, it has a soft and comfortable platform, which makes standing on it easy. Hence, go for this product without an iota of doubt.

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  • Oversized dial makes it convenient for everyone in the family
  • Bright red pointer and large numbers eliminate bending while reading
  • Beautiful design and appeal
  • Adjustable analog design
  • Dial equipped with cog for convenient adjustment
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Precisely measured body weight
  • Extra-large platform with a soft mat
  • 5-year warranty on the dial



  • Slightly expensive, but worth the price

  6. ADE BE1719 Luna Digital Bathroom Scale, Dual Indicator: Mechanical and Digital.

ADE BE1719 Luna Digital Bathroom Scale, Dual Indicator : Mechanical and Digital. Precise up to 180kg. Surface Made of Tempered Glass. Bamboo Wood.
255 Reviews
ADE BE1719 Luna Digital Bathroom Scale, Dual Indicator : Mechanical and Digital. Precise up to 180kg. Surface Made of Tempered Glass. Bamboo Wood.
  • Dual indicator: digital through a large illuminated LCD screen with black digits and analogue using a spherical screen with an easy-to-read pointer
  • Accurate and reliable: weighs up to 180kg with graduation increments of 100 grams. Digital and analog scale
  • Great stability and safety thanks to the tempered glass surface. Overload functions, battery status and automatic shutdown
  • Step-on function: automatic touch-on, just touch the surface to start calculating the weight automatically
  • Functional, beautiful, modern and practical style! Perfect for a regular weight control, for athletes and sport addicted. Measuring units: kg and lb. Includes...

One more top of the line product we have shortlisted for you is the BE1719 Luna from the German brand ADE. Now, this is an exquisite combination of modernity with convention. To list its features, the one we were thrilled to see is its dual indicator. That means it has both digital and analog indications. Furthermore, the digital scale has a reminder function that reminds you to use it at the same time each day. Now, isn’t this a fabulous way to keep track of your weight!

What’s more, this device has the backing of German technology known for high quality and precision. Hence, the scale has unmatched accuracy with 100gm graduation increments. Another unique feature of this machine is its Step-on function. That means you only have to touch the surface for it to start calculating your weight. And finally, its tempered glass surface is very safe and hygienic for use. Hence, it’s a good purchase because its features justify the price.

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  • Analog and digital dial scale
  • Easy to read weight at a glance
  • Engineered with high-quality tempered glass and bamboo surface
  • Can easily accommodate up to 180 kg
  • Can measure in kg and lbs
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Easy to clean and high stability
  • Compact design for easy storing
  • Has reminder function



  • Slightly expensive

  7. ADE M308800 Professional Medical Mechanical Scale

ADE M308800 Professional Medical Mechanical Scale. Precise up to 160kg. Increments of 500gr. Anti-Slip Surface. Classic Design. Metal XL
331 Reviews
ADE M308800 Professional Medical Mechanical Scale. Precise up to 160kg. Increments of 500gr. Anti-Slip Surface. Classic Design. Metal XL
  • Analog bathroom scale with high stability and safety thanks to the extra large surface. Sturdy metal body with impact-resistant and scratch-resistant coating...
  • Extra-large weighing platform and corrosion protection
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Big and clear full view dial
  • High precision scale with anti-slip surface in high quality plastic. Perfect for the elegant measurement of body weight and weight monitoring in everyday life...

Once again, a splendid product from ADE appears on our list, namely, model M308800. This analog bathroom scale incorporates a state-of-the-art scratch-resistant sturdy metallic body. Furthermore, this medical-grade bathroom scale brings elegance and perfection to your bathroom.

Apart from the aesthetics, it has a non-slip surface that is big enough to accommodate large feet as well. Additionally, it can weigh up to 160kg weight. Since it is an analog scale, you don’t need to bother about changing batteries every once in a while. Also, it saves you some operational and maintenance costs as well. Moreover, the dial is big enough for a clear view of readings even from a distance.

We suggest that its features clearly outweigh its price. Hence, don’t let it dissuaded you from making this purchase.

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  • Rotating analog dial scale
  • A Sleek and modern dial design
  • Attractive finish
  • Hard and sturdy platform
  • Compact size that makes storing convenient
  • Easy to calibrate scale design
  • Cutting-edge design
  • Accuracy up to 160 kg
  • Great quality product



  • The pointer needs adjustment before weighing

8. Health o Meter Large Raised Dial Scale

With a maximum weight measuring capacity of 400lbs, this analog bathroom scale comes in a unique and trending design. It functions on imperial measuring metrics. Additionally, it features a raised dial that gives extra foot room and delivers accurate reading every time.

Further, the bathroom scale comes with a textured non-slip mat covering the heavy-duty platform. Since high-quality steel makes-up the platform, it is durable and tough. With this heavy-duty and extra-large steel base, this machine is the epitome of convenience and durability.

Apart from this, the analog bathroom scale has a raised dial of 8 inches. In effect, this makes it convenient to read the measurements even from a distance. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty and is a perfect fit for every bathroom space.

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  • Maximum weight holding capacity of 400lbs
  • A Unique and modern dial design
  • Imperial measuring metrics
  • A Raised dial allows convenient reading
  • Durable and strong platform
  • Non-slip mat
  • Extra-large steel base offering enhanced strength



  • You need to change the batteries

9. Pelstar Professional Home Care Mechanical Floor Scale 400LB

This Pelstar professional home care mechanical bathroom scale is one of the most popular analog scales in its category. Though this product is slightly expensive, its popularity is unbeatable due to its many features. Firstly, it is made of high-quality material and offers a compact design and enhanced accuracy. Secondly, it features a heavy-duty, durable body and a capacity of 400lbs. Since it incorporates numerous rich features, it is definitely worth the price.

Furthermore, the big platform embodies anti-slip surface protection that makes it perfectly safe for multiple users. In addition to bathrooms, you can use them in the sports center as well as the gym. Besides, it is a versatile product that is capable of displaying accurate results even at higher loads.

What’s more, it comes with a raised dial with dual scales, both metric and imperial. As a result, you can read the measurement even with weak eyesight. At the same time, it has one pound increments to aid you to obtain correct readings even while standing on it. And finally, it is not too large and can be stored conveniently under your wardrobe or bed.

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  • Popular scale made of high-quality products
  • Compact design offers enhanced accuracy
  • Durable and strong body
  • Embedded with numerous rich features
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Versatile product useful in the gym as well as a sports center
  • Easy to read display
  • Dual scale mechanism – imperial and metric
  • Easy to store



  • It is slightly expensive than others

10. Health O Meter Floor Scale 330 x 1 Pound/150 x 0.5 Kilogram

Health O Meter Floor Scale 330 x 1 Pound/150 x 0.5 Kilogram 11-1/2 x 10-3/4 Plat. W/ 6-1/2" Dial
  • More for the money with this high quality Product
  • Offers premium quality at outstanding saving
  • Excellent product
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Capacity of 330 lb/150 kg in 1 lb/0.5 kg increments

The final one on our list is, once again, the Health o meter bathroom scale that comes with an oversized platform. Hence, it has plenty of room for long wide feet with its 11.5-inch by 10.75-inch platform. Besides, this bathroom scale comes with an extra-large dial that has a diameter of 6.5 inches. Therefore, you can easily read the measurements even from a distance.

Furthermore, it has a non-slip platform for a grip that would keep your foot secure and comfortable while measuring the weight. What’s more, we found it quite affordable compared to other scales with these features. We also liked the dual unit scale, so that you can see your weight both in lbs and kgs. And lastly, like the other analog scales, this one doesn’t require any batteries. So, you save this hassle too. Hence, our full recommendations to this one!

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  • Oversized product
  • Affordable option
  • Big and easy-to-read dial
  • Extra-large platform
  • Comfortable and sturdy grip



  • Does not incorporate too many modern features

Important Things to Consider When Buying an Analog Bathroom Scale

There are varieties of analog bathroom scales available in the market, and finding the best one can be confusing. Nonetheless, we list below some of the factors that would help you pick the best analog bathroom scale for you and your family.

1. Weight Capacity

Bathroom scales come in different weighing capacities. Usually, they range between 300-450 pounds. But there are a few models that can have a far higher weighing capacity than these. Hence, you must pick a scale considering the weight of people who would be using it.

2. Display

Further to this, a bathroom scale must offer a a user-friendly and large display. For one, it is always better to pick a bathroom scale with a backlit display or LED display so that the numbers are visible even under dim light. 

If you have weak eyesight, then pick a scale with a large display screen and large numbers. Moreover, there are some high-tech models available that come with electronic voice functionality. In effect, they read aloud your weight and hence are great for those with poor eyesight.

3. Accuracy

The next criterion on our list suggests that a scale to manage your weight must ensure accurate measurements. Generally, digital bathroom scales are known for their accuracy, but only till their batteries are fresh. 

However, Analog or mechanical scales can deliver inaccurate results if their springs are damaged. Another thing that impacts accuracy is the scale measurement increments. Practically, scales with smaller increments offer higher accuracy levels. Hence, it is best to pick a scale with increments of at least 0.2 pounds.

4. Comfort/Grip of the Platform

Another factor that might not hold as much significance for some is the comfort and grip your machine offers. Practically speaking, it might be of concern if you are uncomfortable while standing on your bathroom scale. In effect, it could impact your measurement and even your safety. Furthermore, this could affect people with big feet or mobility issues far more than others. 

Usually, a width of 12 inches is sufficient. Additionally, if you are not fully mobile, pick a scale with a padded, textured, or ribbed platform. As a result, it offers enhanced traction and prevents falls or slips.

5. Measurements

Distinct kinds of scales offer different types of data. While analog bathroom scales measure only weight, digital scales can measure weight and also provide data related to other aspects of your body, such as BMI, muscle percentage, and more.

Hence, if you want details on your body-composition metrics, then pick a digital or high-tech bathroom scale. But if the price is a constraint, then analog bathroom scales are the best.

6. Memory

Some bathroom scales have a built-in memory that can recall recent data. Furthermore, they can track changes in the body composition, as the total weight lost.

With built-in memory bathroom scales, it is possible to track data for more than one individual. Hence, selecting a bathroom scale with data tracking capabilities can go a long way in fulfilling the needs of individual members of your family.

7. Web Connectivity

Lastly, a feature that guarantees convenience and rigor is Web connectivity. With technological developments in this field, some advanced models offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to their users. This way, it is possible to upload data directly to a web or mobile app. As a result, it becomes convenient to track weight and other data related to the body’s composition. However, make sure that you pay money only for the features that you need. As a result, you avoid paying additional money on this product.

Tips to Get Accurate Weight Measurements with Analog Bathroom Scales

Using analog bathroom scales is very easy. But following the below-mentioned tips will ensure that you always get correct data with your analog scale. 

  • Firstly, to get the most precise weight measurements, you must keep your bathroom scale on a hard and leveled surface, like tile or wood floor. 
  • Secondly, try to avoid using your scale on carpeting, as the unevenness can result in inaccurate readings.
  • Next, drinking and eating before measurement can result in fluctuations in weight measurement. Hence, the best time to weigh yourself is – right after waking up in the morning, before drinking your beverage.
  • Furthermore, wear light clothing while measuring weight. Since wearing heavy clothes can result in higher weight or difference in weight measurement, avoid wearing them.
  • And lastly, though bathroom scales should ideally be in a bathroom, make sure you do not keep yours in a humid or moist area. The humidity can fog display and make it difficult to read the measurements.


Bathroom scales offer a convenient solution to keep track of your weight. Regular use of these devices can help you manage your weight and even stay away from harmful illnesses, like strokes, diabetes, and more. The reason is that increased weight is the cause of such diseases. While there are different types of bathroom scales available, analog bathroom scales are the most affordable option. Moreover, you do not have to replace batteries and can use them conveniently for your entire family. Hence, keeping the above discussion in mind, pick the best analog bathroom scale for you or your family to maintain healthy body weight and stay away from weight borne ailments.

Last updated on 2021-11-30 // Source: Amazon Affiliates