The Ultimate Guide to Best Crutches

Since antiquity, people fashioned support equipment to hold themselves up when they became injured or sick. Particularly, one such support device is a crutch, which has evolved from the ‘T’ used by Tiny Tim in the famous Christmas Carol. Initially, crutches were just aluminum braces with gripping tips that function as slip-resistant and shock absorbers. However, nowadays, there are varieties of crutches available in various designs and styles.

Hence, we share this post on the best crutches to help you decide which one to buy. Not to mention, this post will also increase your awareness of everything about crutches – function, types, best ways to use, and how to pick the best one for yourself. So, read it till the end to finalize the best crutches for your needs.

In general, people with lower-limb injuries like a broken ankle, broken leg, knee injuries, and sprained ankles use crutches. Additionally, crutches are useful for other issues of the ankle, foot, knee, and leg. Since it decreases discomfort, reduces recovery time, and supports walking, it is a useful instrument. Often when you get a cast on your foot or the leg, you would need crutches for a while. In addition to this, people with such disabilities that make walking difficult are in constant need of crutches.

Primary Functions

A crutch can primarily do two things – reduce the weight load on the injured leg and enhance your support base to improve stability and balance. Additionally, the support also must assist verticle movement and transmit sensory cues via hands.

With a crutch, people with disabilities or paralysis of leg benefits from an upright posture. Further, it lets them maneuver in a place where they cannot go in a wheelchair.

In particular, a crutch is essential for a person who cannot walk or walks with extreme difficulty. Any person with a foot or leg pain or injury, weak muscles, or an unstable gait can benefit from using crutches. With a verticle body movement, it is possible to move comfortably. Moreover, this also prevents calcium loss from the bones.

Specifically, crutches shift the force or weight of verticle movement from the legs to the upper body. But you must possess ample upper body strength or at least arm strength to balance, coordinate and use crutches effectively.

Types of Crutches

There are different types of crutches available in the market. In general, all these crutches take the weight off the lower limbs and work in different ways. However, you can select an appropriate crutch only when you know about the different types of crutches available.

Therefore, below we discuss some of the popular types of crutches are as follows:

1. Underarm Crutches

Also called axillary crutches, mostly people with short-term mobility problems use these crutches. While one part of the crutch places in the armpit against the ribcage, the user holds the other section with the hands.

2. Platform Crutches

Another common type of crutch is the platform crutch. Generally, people with weak hands from conditions like cerebral palsy and arthritis use this type of crutch. To use it, the user holds a handgrip while resting the forearm on a flat surface. Nonetheless, it is a less common type of crutch as compared to the forearm and underarm crutches.

3. Forearm Crutches

Another type of crutch is a forearm crutch that is also known as a Lofstrand crutch. This crutch needs the user to place their arm into a cuff while holding the crutch with a handgrip. Specifically, individuals suffering from mobility issues or disabilities can select forearm crutches compared to other types of crutches.

4. Hands-Free Crutches

And finally, hands-free crutches are the newest types of crutches where the hands offer additional support to the user. Since, in these crutches, the users rest their knee of the injured leg on the crutch, they may not be suitable for all conditions. Moreover, they need some getting-used-to. However, it is a perfect choice for people who want convenience and independence with their mobility problems.

Hence, to know the best types of crutches under various categories, here’s our comprehensive list of best crutches.

Best Forearm Crutches

The first type is the forearm crutches that offer support to people with weak legs. Specifically, some of such crutches have platforms for added safety and stability. Since these crutches offer partial weight-bearing support, they are perfect for both adults and children. Patients specifically use these crutches by slipping each arm into a cuff and holding on to the crutch’s grip. Further, the cuffs are made of plastic or metal and have an opening that allows the forearm to slip out if the person falls.

  1. Ergobaum Prime By Ergoactives Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

Ergobaum® Prime 7TH Generation by Ergoactives. 1 Pair (2 Units) of Ergonomic Forearm Crutches - Adult 5' - 6'6'' Adjustable (Blue)
632 Reviews
Ergobaum® Prime 7TH Generation by Ergoactives. 1 Pair (2 Units) of Ergonomic Forearm Crutches - Adult 5' - 6'6'' Adjustable (Blue)
  • Extensively designed to be the most comfortable and advanced forearm crutch available, the ERGOBAUM 7G is built for its users’ needs first. Its premium design...
  • Highlights: Medical Grade Aluminum Material, Blue Color, Foldable Feature, Adjustable Handles, Adjustable Cuff & Height Settings, Non-Slip Ergocap High...
  • Specs: UNIT WEIGHT: 2.90 lbs USER WEIGHT CAPACITY: Up to 350 lbs USER HEIGHT RANGE: 5'0" - 6'6" CUFF SIZE: Standard CUFF WIDTH: 3.50" CUFF LENGHT: 7.00" GRIP...
  • Ergobaum 7G crutches were built for its users’ needs first. Its premium design features an integrated, patented shock absorption system, fully adjustable...
  • Combined, each feature of the Ergobaum 7G crutches provides an unparalleled level of comfort and ease that is unrivaled by any other product on the market.

With a spring-loaded shock absorbing technology to reduce impact, this seventh generation Ergobaum foldable crutch is one of the best forearm crutch available for use. Further, it comes with crutch tips for extra balance and incorporates nighttime safety features, like a horn, light, and reflectors.

Besides, the aspect that we liked about this crutch is a built-in knee rest platform. Additionally, it has a forearm cup and strap, as well as an adjustable cushion grip. Since an orthopedic surgeon crafter has designed this product, medical-grade materials constitute its construction. Furthermore, the crutches are height adjustable, which is a useful feature for long-term and short-term use.

Finally, the crutch helps to ease the post-injury recovery and eliminates the discomfort and pain. Hence, it is an excellent choice for people suffering from occasional traumas or those with a permanent disability.



  • Comes with additional safety features
  • Flashlight, horn, and reflectors
  • Adjustable straps ensure maximum comfort
  • Shock and knee absorbers facilitate comfortable walking
  • Medical-grade material usage
  • Facilitates comfort and enhance walking
  • Ideal for permanent disability



  • Require frequent greasing of shock absorbers

  2. Forearm Crutches by Vive

Vive Forearm Crutches (Pair) - Lightweight Arm Cuff Crutch - Adjustable, Ergonomic, Heavy Duty for Standard and Tall Adults - Comfortable on Wrist - Molded, Non Skid Replaceable Rubber Tips
846 Reviews
Vive Forearm Crutches (Pair) - Lightweight Arm Cuff Crutch - Adjustable, Ergonomic, Heavy Duty for Standard and Tall Adults - Comfortable on Wrist - Molded, Non Skid Replaceable Rubber Tips
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our Supportive Forearm Crutches eliminate the fatigue and pain that traditional crutches cause while simultaneously allowing you...
  • DURABLE AND SAFE: Our Supportive Forearm Crutches are corrosion-resistant, and their durable frame supports up to 250 pounds. Designed and updated with...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STYLISH: Their lightweight aluminum frame allows you to move around easily, and we designed the grey matte finish, black arm cuffs, and black...
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH FOR COMFORTABLE, CUSTOMIZED FIT: You can easily adjust these forearm crutches via our simple push-button design, doing so in 1” increments,...
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: Our mobility items are industry-leading, which is why our Supportive Forearm Crutches come with a 60-day guarantee. Buy now with confidence.
Next on our list of the best crutches is a perfect solution to reduce discomfort and pain. Even as this forearm crutch by Vive is a highly-efficient, it reduces fatigue and pain that is usually associated with crutch use.

Additionally, with a supportive design and ergonomic grip, the contoured design of the crutches perfectly fits your hand. Further, we were in awe of its non-marking and non-slip rubber tips. Another impactful feature is that it incorporates a molded arm cuff and grip. In effect, this feature contributes to further the longevity and stability of the crutches.

Besides, its push-button mechanism helps adjusting the crutch length by a one-inch increment easily. Since aluminum is its main constituent, it is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. What’s more, it can conveniently support the weight of up to 300 pounds. To sum up, the crutch comes in a stylish design and is perfect for people of all ages.



  • Stylish design with a matte finish
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight easy to handle
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Push-button mechanism
  • Corrosion-resistant frame
  • Reduces discomfort and pain
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Reduces pain and fatigue to a great extent
  • Adjustable length
  • Comfortable wrist grip



  • People with smaller arms may find it uncomfortable for handling

3. Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches, Adult,  Pack of 2
1,424 Reviews
Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches, Adult, Pack of 2
  • Telescoping parts are manufactured with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide totally silent usage
  • Vinyl-coated, tapered, contoured arm cuffs
  • Heavy-wall, high-strength aluminum tubing
  • Black components hide signs of wear and scratches;Height Range: 5 - 6'2(Inches)
  • Tall Adult has a 250-lb. weight capacity, Patient height, 5'10"-6'6"; Adult has a 250-lb. weight capacity, Patient height, 5'0"-6'2"; Youth has a 250-lb. weight...

The next forearm crutch in our list is from a reputed company Medline. Since it boasts of high-quality engineering and unmatched durability, medical practitioners suggested this crutch for individuals with long-term disabilities. Hence, this premium product is the answer to your search for a sturdy and durable crutch.

Furthermore, it has numerous rich features like high-strength aluminum construction and contoured and tapered arm cuffs. Specifically, we liked its noiseless-walk capability. What’s more, its telescoping components include external lock nuts as well as internal bushings.

Besides, it weighs around 250 pounds and is available in three different sizes. Moreover, with swiveling arm cuffs, it can fit and serve any user. All in all, these crutches are easy to handle and efficient for individuals with postsurgical rehabilitation or slight injury.



  • Customizable swiveling arm cuffs
  • Availability in three different sizes
  • Easy to Handle
  • Efficient for people with a slight injury
  • Long-term use
  • Durable and strong product
  • Well-designed solution
  • Value for money
  • Designed for silent usage



  • Non-articulated rubber tips
  • Not suitable for obese people

Best Underarm Crutches

Underarm crutches are ideal for people with temporary disabilities or injuries. Generally, patients use these crutches by placing the pads underneath the armpits and holding the grip. As compared to other crutches, these crutches need less upper arm strength and very little training. Also, these crutches cost comparatively far less than any other. However, underarm crutches require proper fitting to prevent problems. Additionally, it is essential to make adjustments like the crutch’s height or the underarm distance for a firm handgrip.

 1. Life Crutch Adjustable Ergonomic Handles for Adult and Child

The Life Crutch - Universal Crutch| Ergonomic Handles | Articulating Tips | Supports up to 300 lbs | for Adults and Children with Heights 4'6' - 6'7'
524 Reviews
The Life Crutch - Universal Crutch| Ergonomic Handles | Articulating Tips | Supports up to 300 lbs | for Adults and Children with Heights 4'6" - 6'7"
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION WITH COMFORT: The Life Crutch can support users weighing up to 300lbs and adjusted for any height between 4'6"-6'7. Our foam rubber padding...
  • ARTICULATING CRUTCH TIPS: Our Sure Foot Articulating Tips give greater stability on uneven surfaces and unstable ground. They are excellent on solid, indoor...
  • ERGONOMIC HAND GRIPS SET: The ergonomic positioning and design of the grips keep hands and wrists in their natural position, eliminating wrist pain and nerve...
  • GREAT FOR POSTURE: In addition to added comfort on the wrists and shoulders, our highly adjustable, ergonomic design allows for users to naturally walk more...
  • ONE SIZE FOR ADULTS & KIDS: With 19 height adjustments for the handle, our Life Crutch fits users with heights varying from 4'6" to 6'7'' (54" – 79"), making...

This elegantly designed, silver-colored life crutch by Millennial Medical is one of the premium choices available for users. Firstly, the crutch is perfect for individuals who wish for quick recovery from any disability. Additionally, it comes with an innovative design that would reduce underarm pain, sore wrists, and carpel Tunnel.

Furthermore, the ergonomic accessory is available with adjustable height and supports height ranging from 4ft 6 inches to 6ft 7 inches. It is a well-built product that can withstand the weight of up to 300 pounds. Unlike the traditional type, this articulating crutch’s tip covers around 75-100% of the surface and enhances safety and stability.

Moreover, the existing users find it easy to handle and love its lightweight of 3.7 pounds. Its unmatched sturdiness, comfort, design, and easy to adjust functionality makes it one of the finest choices. Above all this, you would love the foldable design of the crutch.



  • Ergonomic design and ergonomic handles
  • Comfortable to the wrists
  • Articulating crutch tips
  • Strong engineering
  • Excellent for short-term use
  • Fits well to the users
  • Enables 19 height adjustments
  • Elegant design
  • The lightweight of 3.7 pound
  • Enhances stability and safety



  • Not ideal for too-short individuals

 2. in-Motion Pro Crutches

in-Motion Pro Crutches | Foldable | Ergonomic Handles | Spring Assist Technology | Articulating Tips| Size Short (4'6" - 5'8") | Electric Red
  • DURABLE FOLDING PORTABLE CRUTCHES: The newly re-designed cylinder bracket and double reinforced strut ensure the product’s strength and durability throughout...
  • ERGONOMIC HAND GRIPS SET: The ergonomic positioning and design of the grips keep hands and wrists in their natural position, eliminating wrist pain and nerve...
  • SPRING-ASSISTED ARM CRUTCHES: The Spring Assist Technology absorbs the impact from walking and uses that energy to aid patient movement. Our Spring Assist...
  • ARTICULATING CRUTCH TIPS: Our Sure Foot Articulating Tips give greater stability on uneven surfaces and unstable ground. They are excellent on solid, indoor...
  • GREAT FOR POSTURE: In addition to added comfort on the wrists and shoulders, our highly adjustable, ergonomic design allows for users to naturally walk more...

The next impressive underarm crutch on our list of the best crutches is the in-Motion pro crutch. Not only does it have a unique cylinder bracket, but also a double re-inforced strut. Overall, these two features enhance its durability and strength.

Further on, its ergonomic design and extraordinary folding capability add to the convenience of using it. Moreover, what impressed us most is the easy folding feature of this product. In effect, you can fold or unfold it with a single tug, without any need for height adjustment.

Additionally, we were again quite awed by its spring-assist technology. In effect, this feature helps absorb the walking-impact and, in turn, uses it to facilitate the user’s movement. Hence, it promotes ideal body mechanics. Besides, the springs are far quieter than the traditional cruth springs.

And finally, with its heavy-duty construction, it can support a weight of up to 500lbs. Indeed, this is what we call a real mobility assist product!



  • Lighter than wood
  • Easy foldability
  • Can support weight up to 500 lbs
  • Spring-assist
  • Ergonomic design to prevent nerve damage
  • Thick cushioned arm pads
  • Articulating tips
  • Dampens sheer force impact
  • Easy to manage handle height
  • Natural sponge handgrips



  • Height not adjustable

  3. Sport Swings – Black – Best Comfortable Crutch

Dynamo Sport Swings - Better Than Crutches, Largest Foot, Safest and Easiest to use, Only All-Weather "Crutch", Great Fit for Recent Injuries, Post Surgery, or Amputee’s, 5'11 - 6'6"
  • YOU DESERVE THE BEST CRUTCHES SO WE GIVE YOU OUR BEST PRICE.. Excellent product for the price and the non-slip feet keep the user from slipping.
  • BEST CRUTCHES IN THE WORLD: LIFE CHANGER: Users have raved about crutching over 2 miles and never had a close call to slipping. Many would be homebound if I had...
  • STABILITY AND GIFTS CHOICE: Easy to use and great for recovery from knee surgery, no muscle fatigue or armpit pain. Foot gives more stability than basic...
  • FREE SWING-LINK: For every order an option that adds an extra margin of safety and stability, which may help them heal faster and get off of crutches quicker,...
  • DON'T SETTLE FOR BAD CRUTCHES: You may be on crutches for a few weeks or a long time but we have a solution to uncomfortable, dangerous crutches. Welcome to...

The final one on our list of the best underarm crutches is the SportSwings crutches. Firstly, its articulating frame makes sure that you have a high grip on the ground, thereby reducing the possibility of a fall. Because the base has the design of a real foot, the crutches are very stable. Also, it has a shock-absorbing leaf-spring design with springs to release the absorbed energy for propelling you forward.

Further, due to its ergonomic design, the crutch is very easy to use and comfortable. Another unique feature of this crutch, which we loved, is the SwingLink tether. Specifically, this links the two frames so that they work in conjunction with each other. Indeed, this is a remarkable feature since slip-outs are the no.1 cause of falling.

And lastly, the palm-down grip is far wider than the usual ones and makes it more comfortable to use. Hence, with size options of 137-198 cm, this crutch can be used by a wide range of individuals and is an affordable choice.



  • Durable and comfortable underarm pad
  • Comfortable handgrip
  • Articulating frame for tighter floor grip
  • Leaf-springs in the base for forward propelling
  • Excellent weight holding capacity of 300 lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Big-foot design non-slip tips



  • Not suitable for users with height less than 137 cm.

Best Platform Crutches

Platform crutches are sized for adults and have a platform that attaches to the top of the crutch. In effect, these crutches act as a padded armrest with a handgrip. Specifically, these are useful for those who cannot straighten arm to hold the crutch. Therefore, platform crutches allow holding a grip while the forearm rests on a horizontal platform. Generally, these crutches are perfect for individuals with a weak hand grip caused by an injury or medical condition. Hence, here we present the best crutches in this category.

  1. smartCRUTCH Racer Series Forearm Crutch 15-90 Degree Rotation

No products found.

We start our list of the best platform crutches with the smartCRUSH racer series. The first important feature we would like to point out is its adjustable forearm platform. Hence, with a rotation level between 15 to 90 degrees, this one works both as a platform or a forearm crutch. Not only does the platform adjust its angle, but it also increases in length for your convenience. And the cushioned forearm pad is a feather in the cap.

Furthermore, this product is the epitome of flexibility because of its push-pin height adjustment feature. So, you can easily adjust the height for a child as well as for an adult.
In particular, its hourglass-shaped footing appealed to our imagination quite a bit. Since this results in weight distribution over a larger surface, the crutch provides adequate traction for unparalleled convenience.

Hence, this new generation crutch provides unprecedented comfort and has the potential to transform your quality of life.



  • One of the best platforms
  • Cost-efficient
  • Available with adjustable height
  • Ideal for obese and hefty people
  • Padded sleeve enhances shock absorption
  • Adjustable forearm
  • Can be used by children as well
  • Hour-glass shaped foot for ideal weight distribution



  • Not suitable for individuals of too short height

2. Forearm Crutches Adult

Forearm Crutches Adult, 1 Pair Hands Free Crutches Adult, Ergonomic Walking Cane, 2 Walking Support Forearm Crutches for Adults, Fits (4’11”- 6’8”) Adjustable Crutches, Mobility Device (Black)
  • ARE THE M+D CRUTCHES RIGHT FOR YOU? The M+D Crutches by Mobility Designed are comfortable long-term mobility aids for disabled or elderly users, as well as...
  • NO MORE CRUTCH PAIN: Unlike standard underarm crutches or even traditional forearm crutches, these modern platform crutches do not place any pressure on...
  • PATIENCE AND PRACTICE: Walking with the M+D Crutches feels DIFFERENT than other crutches for adults and it takes time and practice to adapt to a new way of...
  • SO MANY GREAT BENEFITS! A highly ergonomic and thoughtfully designed hands free crutch for an improved mobility experience! More comfort, less pain, more hand...
  • SIMPLE SETUP – These hand free crutches can easily be assembled at home. The Mobility Designed website provides a complete set of training manuals and videos...

The second product on our list is the highly efficient and robust platform crutch from Mobility. Firstly, the crutch is a durable product with strong grips at the end. In addition to a single side to side handle adjustment, the platform crutch offers vinyl hand grip. Hence, users can expect unmatched comfort while using this product.

Moreover, it comes with a hook and loop fastening system and an easy to change pad, which ensures ease of use and comfort. Because of its hinged arm cradle, you get a high range of motion. Hence, you don’t have to remove the crutch for reaching out to the things kept away from you.

Further, its adjustable height adjustment feature makes it suitable for people from child to young ages. However, we specifically liked its color-coding to help you easily identify whether it is right-sided or left. Most importantly, for visually challenged users, this identification is given in brail. Thus, this one gets a full thumbs up from us!



  • The hinged arm cradle can be unlocked for maximum arm movement
  • Side to side handles adjustment
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Hook and loop fastening system
  • Comfortable to the user
  • Shock absorbing grips
  • Foldable and needs less storage space
  • Can be used on any terrain



  • The product is expensive

  3. Ergodynamic Forearm Crutches by FDI

The last one on our list of the best platform crutches is a simple yet elegant product from FDI. Starting with its features, we can undoubtedly say that it is one of the lightest ones available in the market. Additionally, its unique shock absorber interspersed with the upper shaft ensures a smooth and silent operation.

Moreover, you can get it in three shock-absorber weight range options, with the maximum being 130kg. Furthermore, soft replaceable forearm pads and grips are just some of the characteristics of this product.
In addition to an adjustable functionality with a single bolt, it can serve people with permanent or temporary disabilities. In other words, this is a crutch of its kind available to you.



  • The perfect platform for adults
  • Affordable
  • Has a weight holding capacity of 130 kgs
  • Perfect for hefty or obese people
  • Has shock absorbers
  • The crutch is very light
  • Does not require assembling
  • Grip cover for firmness



  • Not meant for people with too short height

Best Hands-Free Crutches

Holding crutches with hands can be slightly discomforting. Additionally, it even keeps your hands engaged. Therefore, to ensure that your hands are free to enable everyday tasks easily, hands-free crutches are the best solution. Specifically, such crutches are best for below knee injuries. Not only do these offer you pain and hands-free mobility, but they also give you the ability to live an independent lifestyle. So, here are the best hands-free crutches that would work better for you.

  1. iWalk 2.0 Hands-Free

iWALK 2.0 Hands Free Crutch - Pain Free Knee Crutch - Alternative to Crutches and Knee Scooters
8,865 Reviews
iWALK 2.0 Hands Free Crutch - Pain Free Knee Crutch - Alternative to Crutches and Knee Scooters
  • QUALIFICATIONS FOR USE - Read the entire listing! iWALK works for most people, but not everyone. Your purchase includes full factory TECHNICAL SUPPORT and...
  • LET’S FIND OUT IF IWALK IS RIGHT FOR YOU. Read this entire listing BEFORE you buy to determine if you meet the QUALIFICATIONS FOR USE.
  • WILL IT FIT? AGE LIMITS? PLUS SIZE? Please read the ENTIRE LISTING for all requirements BEFORE you buy.
  • BETTER THAN CRUTCHES OR KNEE SCOOTERS - Safe, stable hands free / pain free mobility. Why use crutches for walking when you can iWALK instead?
  • SO MANY BENEFITS - Crutches and knee scooters have so many limitations Have a functional recovery on the iWALK crutch. All the benefits are on this listing.

This one is seriously a revolutionary product and perfects if you are tired of using the traditional crutches. In addition to offering better functionality, the iWalker2.0 is the best choice for modern users. Besides, it comes in a unique design and provides better balance and support.

Furthermore, it is a knee scooter that gives you a hands-free experience. Hence, with minimal effort, you can move around this crutch with ease and to distant locations. Additionally, the accessories that accompany it are perfect for people with a height between 5 ft and 6ft 4 inches. We quite liked that it can work well with either leg and has a quick-release strap for convenient removal.

With the padded knee surface, the crutch is highly comfortable. It is a useful and well-built product that is easy to assemble and simple to use. Though this crutch is quite comfortable, we would not recommend it for obese or very senior users.



  • Hands-free experience
  • Unique design for better balance and support
  • Needs minimal effort to move
  • Suitable for either leg, left or right
  • Quick release straps for convenient removal
  • Comfortably padded knee area
  • Well-built and effective design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to use



  • Not fit for obese or elderly people

2. Medical Knee Scooter for Broken Foot by HEALTHLINE, Knee Walker Scooter with Handle Brake and Basket, Crutch Alternative, Steerable, All Terrain Knee Scooter, Blue

Medical Knee Scooter for Broken Foot by HEALTHLINE, Knee Walker Scooter with Handle Brake and Basket, Crutch Alternative, Steerable, All Terrain Knee Scooter, Blue
52 Reviews

Another premium quality hands-free crutch on our list is from a reputed brand Healthline. Firstly, the product helps maintain balance and is an easy solution for most walkers. Additionally, you can also purchase a non-slip cover that keeps it firmly in place and reduces friction to a great extent.

Moreover, it is a high-quality product, which can withstand regular wear and tear. Furthermore, the seat is easy to clean and, the covers made of faux sheepskin material are also available. Since this material provides more comfort to the knee without irritating the skin and enables air to circulate freely around the lower leg and knee, this option is worth having.



  • Easy to use
  • Can attach nonslip cover over the seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a basket in the front for convenience
  • Withstands daily wear and tear
  • Evenly distributes pressure on lower leg and knee
  • Relieves pain and enhances comfort



  • Not suitable for people with severe injury

3. United Ortho 360 Air Walker Ankle Fracture Boot

United Ortho 360 Air Walker Ankle Fracture Boot - Medium, Grey
  • Use for acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, post-operative use following Achilles tendon repair and stable lower leg, foot and ankle fractures
  • Streamlined, semi-rigid shell is lightweight yet provides maximum support for the leg and ankle
  • Medial/lateral air bladders offer customized compression to increase comfort and reduce edem
  • Rocker sole helps promote a natural gait to allow continuation of daily activities
  • Medium fits men's shoe size 6.5-10, women's shoe size 7.5-11

Well, this one is not a perfect crutch, but this United Ortho 360 Air walker has a semi-rigid outer shell that gives maximum support to the injured leg. As a result, it enormously reduces the fatigue and pain in the impacted leg.

Moreover, it is an excellent product that replaces the traditional, smelly cast, as the patient does not need a regular one. Indeed, it is perfect for patients with a fracture who do not need a cast. In addition to this, its inflatable medial air bladders not only provide comfort but also customized compression. It, therefore, reduces edema, usually associated with such injuries.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable toe guard for added protection. In a nutshell, this product from a brand with a 40-year experience is worth buying.



  • Convenient Velcro straps
  • Rocker sole
  • Toe-bumper system
  • Impact-absorbing and Anti-vibration EVA sole
  • Disposable Sock
  • 3 Module Shock-absorbing technology
  • Embedded inflatable air bladder
  • Comfortable to the foot
  • Enhances mobilization



  • Not useful for all types of injuries

Best Brands for Crutches

A crutch is best when it is comfortable, stable, and durable. In particular, the role of the crutch is to help recovery from an injury easier. Also, it helps to manage chronic disability with ease. Specifically, high-quality crutches enhance balance and stability, absorb impact, and offer users great peace of mind.

To name a few of the best crutches brands on the market Ergoactives, iWalkFree, Vive, Hugo Mobility, Medline, Mobilegs, Drive Medical, Millennial Medical, Wes Care Supplies, and Carex Health Brands. Hence, if you have any confusion about which one to buy, you can choose from any of these brands mentioned.

Best Ways to Use Crutches

There could be times when you bought the best brand crutches but are unable to use them properly. So in this section, we discuss the various ways to use crutches efficiently and in the best way.

1. Sizing the crutches

The first important thing is to accurately size crutches so that you can use them comfortably without experiencing problems. Hence, the crutches you have brought may need slight adjustments for height. Make sure the crutch is two inches below the armpit when you are standing straight.

Further, the handles must be at a hip height so that your elbows slightly bent when holding them.

2. Check the Grips and Padding

The next thing to use the crutch properly is to ensure they are comfortable on the armpit grips, especially on the base in contact with the floor. If needed, get these parts replaced by a medical store, which would be a case if you are using an old crutch. Additionally, without enough padding, you would start feeling the pain and discomfort.

3. Getting Up from Chair

For getting up from the chair, you need to place both crutches on the affected side. For example, if you have an injury on the left leg, grasp or hold both the crutches with your left hand. Then hold the hand rest of your chair with the right hand. Simultaneously, clasp the crutch handles with the left one. And finally, place your weight on the uninjured leg and push your body up with the arms.

4. Walking with Crutches

Always take short steps while walking with crutches. In general, the steps must be about 18 inches apart. While supporting yourself with hands, let your body swing forward in a way you were going to move with the injured leg. But rather than placing weight on the injured leg, you must put the weight on crutch handles. However, do not allow the crutch top to touch your armpit. Instead, provide support to your body with your hands.

5. Moving Up Stairs

For moving up the stairs with the crutches, there can be two different ways:

  • Way 1 – First, stand close to the step and place the crutches on the ground level. Next, put your weight on the crutches and pick the uninjured foot up first. Then bring the crutches to the step level and put up your injured leg. Further, repeat the same for each step.
  • Way 2 – Alternatively, if there is a handrail, then you can take its support. For this, you can hold both crutches in one hand and the handrail in the other. Further, repeat the movement with an uninjured leg.

6. Stepping Down the Stairs with Crutches

This technique is, specifically, for people who cannot bear weight on the injured leg. First, you have to hold the foot of your injured leg up in front and move down each step on the non-injured leg. Make sure to support yourself with the crutches held in front of you while moving on to the next lower-step. In contrast, you can use a handrail on one side and hold crutches on the other side with your hand. It would be wise for you to take someone’s assistance during the initial days, particularly when you have good upper body strength.

Additionally, never let your armpit rest on crutches, even when you are taking a rest.

When moving up and down the stairs, take one step at a time to avoid experiencing any hassle.

While standing, place the crutches 8-10 inches in front of you.

Additional Accessories 

There are varieties of accessories available for crutches. Generally, these help to enhance the convenience, usability, and comfort of the user. Irrespective of the length of time you need the crutch, investing in accessories can add to its long-term use.

1. Crutch bags

In some crutches, you can attach elegantly designed crutch bags to one side. Indeed, these bags offer a convenient space to store your wallet, keys, medication, snacks, and other important stuff.

2. Crutch Tips

Another excellent accessory for your crutch is the crutch tips. Not only do these tips offer extra support to the user, but also stability. At the same time, it reduces the impact on the hands and arms. Also, crutch tips are great to prevent damage and scratched to your floors.

3. Crutch Pads

The next accessory for your crutch is the crutch pad. In effect, it will reduce underarm pain and alleviate discomfort caused by an axillary crutch. Not only are they perfect for bruising, chafing, or rashes, they can also upgrade to add more comfort to the users.

4. Crutch Cover

Another crutch accessory, which can provide comfort and further aids in healing is a crutch cover. Additionally, this crutch cover fits all standard sizes and is one of the finest crutch accessories available.

 Buying Guide – Things to Consider when Buying Crutches

Since a crutch must provide you enough support, it is of great significance to choose an appropriate one for yourself. At the same time, it must be comfortable to use also. Hence, we present the buying checklist for you to ensure the best pick for your needs.

1. Understanding Different Types of Crutches

Firstly, you must have a complete and clear understanding of the different types of crutches available. Hence, you can check the products mentioned in our list to understand how different types of crutches work. Accordingly, you can shortlist crutches that have all the features you are looking for in your companion.

2. Strength

Surely you would not want to tumble while using your crutch. Nevertheless, this can happen if your crutch is not strong enough to support your weight or if your crutches are not as per your body weight. 

So, to avoid any such possibility of a fall, check the weight limits and the body construction of the crutch you are buying. While the crutch must easily withstand your weight, it must also be durable and steady. Hence, this will ensure that your weight is well-supported and you feel safe and secured when using these crutches.

3. Weight

Though strength is an important aspect, buying strong crutches does not mean you pick the heaviest one around. In particular, even lightweight crutches with robust construction are strong enough to hold your weight.

Therefore, look for a set that is relatively lightweight and makes it easier for you to move.

4. Comfort

Yes, using crutches can be a discomfort initially. Nonetheless, over time t the comfort level is bound to improve, else you are stuck with the wrong pair. For this not to happen, pick the crutches we have enlisted to offer you maximum comfort. Hence, you must try different pairs of crutches to select the most comfortable one for you.


 Q. What is the acceptable size of crutches for kids?

 A. Teens or high school children can use adult size crutches. But if your child is smaller, we would suggest using pediatric sized crutches, as they are the most appropriate ones.


  Q. I am too tall. Can I find a pair of crutch suitable for me?

 A. Whether you are too tall or too short, you can find crutches as per your height. Also, there are crutches available with a height adjusting mechanism that allows you to adjust the crutch height as per your requirement.

 Q. For who are forearm crutches the most suitable?

 A. Forearm crutches are usually not suitable for people in poor health conditions or who have reduced strength. Similarly, those challenged by long-term ambulatory activities like improper balance, navigating uneven surfaces, and more. Further, people who are significantly overweight are not perfect candidates for crutches. For the most part, they can do better with other mobility equipment.

 Q. What injuries do we need to use crutches?

 A. You need crutches if you experience injuries like a broken toe, knee dislocation, broken ankle, ankle sprain, hip replacement, knee injury, fractures, or muscle strain.

Final Words

Finally, buying a crutch is a serious matter. Though it looks like just another stick, it is not. For a special needs person, it is the best mate. While for a person recovering from injury, it is a short-term friend. An inconvenient crutch might be the last thing you would want while recovering. For instance, if you buy an incorrect crutch, you might find going through the daily activities a herculean task. Hence, you must check the best crutches mentioned in our list. At the same time, consider all the factors when shopping for crutches to ensure that you find the most appropriate and comfortable setting possible. 

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