How Digital Hearing Aids Work and What Benefits It Offers?

While there are varieties of hearing aids available in the market, the most advanced and latest solutions are ‘Digital Hearing Aids.’

These hearing aids use advanced digital technology. The good thing is that they can be tailored to specific needs and in accordance with the level of hearing loss. Every person suffering from hearing loss is different and perceives the situation in a different way. Hence, modern or digital hearing aids serve as an excellent solution to serve their unique needs.

Speech amplification, automated features, easy customization, noise suppression, disruptive background, and convenient adjustment to various environmental situations are some of the prominent features of digital hearing aids.

If you too are considering using them then check below why these hearing aids are considered modern and how do they work.

How do Digital Hearing Aids work?

Digital hearing aids are considered as the modern hearing aids, and all thanks to their latest technology, that can precisely adapt to specific requirements of individuals. In addition to being highly comfortable, these hearing aids come in numerous appealing designs.

Usually, such hearing aids are made of three main parts:

  • Microphone
  • Processor
  • Loudspeaker

These three components work in harmony in order to offer users easy and powerful functionality. The microphone picks external sounds or acoustic signals and transmits the same to the processor. This sound is then amplified by the processor and is converted into electrical signals. These electrical signals are supplied by the receiver or loudspeaker to the ear of the user. The sound received by the user is extremely clear and hence, the user is able to understand and perceive it.

In order to offer maximum comfort to the users, these hearing aids amplify only the necessary sound and suppress external environment disturbances. This is practiced to enhance communication between the user and the person or device on the other side. These hearing aids are modern and in-built with the latest technology. Hence, the transmission process is completely automatic.

Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids over Traditional Hearing Aids

A digital hearing aid is the ultimate solution for most of the users. It is because such devices not just enhance the communication process and make sounds louder, but also offer benefits, which traditional hearing aids are unable to deliver.

A large number of people across the world suffer from impaired hearing, which means simply hearing less. This is accompanied by difficulties in understanding. There is a difference in noises with respect to its tone. Some of them are more buzzing while others are shriller. Some sounds are perceived as painful and unpleasant while others appear pleasing and soothing. Hence, making sound louder is not the only way to hear well. Individuals suffering from hearing loss need more than this!

1. Identify the Correct Volume

It is vital to include a technology that can amplify sound and digital hearing aids do the same job. Individuals with impaired hearing are able to hear only sounds that are above a certain volume level. This means such sounds must be too loud than for those with proper hearing.

However, if a hearing aid makes everything loud then this can generate noise, which would be unbearable for the user in certain cases. The digital hearing aids combat this limitation of traditional hearing aids and support making necessary adjustment in relation to the comfort of the user.

The user can easily adjust the sound level to their preferred level. For most individuals with normal hearing, this range is around 100 decibels or dB. But this range or value may vary from person to person.

2. Suppress Background Noise

Digital hearing aids come with state-of-the-art technology and are therefore able to compensate for the hearing loss in numerous frequency ranges in a targeted and precise manner.

Better hearing can be offered to users by filtering out the background noise. For example, consider a conversation in a busy street where people with normal hearing functionality have to rely on their complex hearing mechanism to identify the known voices.

Digital hearing aids feature this exclusive feature and can significantly improve communication and speech comprehension in such busy or noisy situations. These devices suppress the environmental sound and make it easier for the user to hear the known voices and sounds.

3. Multiple Hearing Programs

One great feature of digital hearing aids is that they feature multiple hearing modes or programs. This is to enhance hearing in different situations like listening to music, talking to someone, or while in a restaurant.

Additionally, these hearing aids have frequency channels that make it possible to adopt sound amplification exclusively to the needs of the wearer.

4. Advanced Technological Aids

  • T-loop

The behind the ear digital hearing aids come with a telecoil or T-loop, which is highly useful during telephone calls. It helps to transfer the speech signals from a telephone directly into the ear. As a result, the quality of sound and speech comprehension is improved to a great extent.

Even the telecoil system can also be used with additional devices to enhance hearing in theaters, busy places, meeting rooms, and other places.

  • Bluetooth

Most of these hearing aids model comes with Bluetooth functionality and are able to receive music and speech wirelessly from other Bluetooth enabled sources like TV, mobiles, and more. The only thing is that the hearing aid and the source device must be placed within the desired range to transfer the signals.

  • Mobile Apps

Additionally, there are some hearing aids models available that come with a mobile or smartphone app. For this reason, it is possible to control the hearing aid through a smartphone or mobile. Hence, you can control the hearing aid wirelessly.

A digital hearing aid is a gift for people with hearing difficulties. These technologically advanced solutions are available in various types of models. You can consult an expert audiologist in order to find out the most suitable model for you.

If you are still unsure whether or not you require a hearing aid, you can get a hearing test done. If your test result is positive then pick your preferred digital hearing aid model for ease of use, great comfort, and outstanding functionality.